Thursday, July 29, 2010

The sweat shop.

Yes folks, this is where it all happens....some say husband says forced labor. Deep in the depths of my very own basement is my craft area (where 'it' happens!) Glamorous? maybe not, but considering the circumstances I am kinda proud of my little sweat shop. I can only move up from here...right? :)

(an old dvd rack we weren't using--heck, why not make it a fabric rack!)

There it is my, don't be jealous if you can help yourself :P


  1. Your work area is sooooo much better than mine! I'm just using a folding table right now, lol. It's madness!

  2. I'm very envious of how neat your work area is. My studio is an absolute disaster! I can't find anything and there's soap droppings all over the floor! :-) I feel right at home. hehe

    Have a great weekend!

  3. yeah, I am a neat freak :) --- but its just not very well homey and warm I guess. Someday though!

  4. Well mine is between two walls and is GREEN!



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