Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Blogging with two kids has become nearly impossible.  Hm, I wonder why that is.  Nope, no I don't.  Kids are time suckers.  Cute, funny, best little time suckers ever, but alas, they suck...er, time that is.  Posts  are few and far between, lacking on content and heavy on the pictures.  And so it is, another post of pictures and tid bits of happenings all thanks to the kids both going down early tonight. Kudos to the mama's that have energy and the creative output to do it daily!

Baby G's dedication.

Other happenings:

-We're going to Disney World next week!
-G is officially over a half a year now.  Where. Did. The. Time. Go?
-I need serious gardening help.  I have a real backyard now and now that spring is around the corner--at least I thought it was, I am desperate to get things figured out for planting--what...how...when...so many things I don't know!
-I'm tossing around the idea of writing a children's book.
-One of my BFF's is pregnant and it fills me with joy to think of!  Its such a cool experience to see people you love so much go through such a great journey!
-I've lost 15 lbs since mid January!
-A birthday girls' weekend is in the works and I. cannot. wait.
-New products are being created for the next Red Door Store sale in May!
-I've started burning my incense which means I'm ready for summer and windows to be open with a fresh breeze flowing through.
-I had my fly down most of the day yesterday.  Luckily most of the afternoon, I was wearing also my jacket because I was freezing so hopefully it went unnoticed.  Awkward.


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