Friday, October 28, 2016

Double Birthday Party!

Because I'm an awesome mom and super on top of my business, here's a post of a pile of pictures (unedited and grainy at that) from the kids' joint birthday party from nearly 2 months ago.  Hold your applause.  I forgot to invite some key buddies, the wind blew the party into a mess, I only had 5 candles on Everett's cake and one little dude ended up with a bloody nose, but alas, I think the kids were oblivious to the chaos I felt was swirling around.
Also, note how awesome we were to make Grey endure her birthday extravaganza while feverish and sick.  Clearly, she was super into it as you can tell from the pictures.  Sigh.  Being mom of the year is hard guys.

In all seriousness though.  Being a parent is hard.  It's pretty much the hardest job ever, right?  But when I look back at these pictures, I see fun, wild, crazy and happy kids (minus Grey :( ) and in the end that's all that matters.  Not the tablecloths or the cakes, not the games or party favors and not the decorations.  I'm almost certain that they will not remember a lick of that stuff (and Grey still doesn't remember she had a party, poor girl), but they will remember that we took the time to bring some friends together to celebrate them.  I've never been asked by my children, "Mom can I have Pinterest style cake with the theme of my choice followed by handmade bunting and banners mixed in with some really fun DIY games that show off how well you can copy someone else's idea----oh yeah and I want you to spend about 3.5 hours putting together my party favors?" Nope. Never been asked that.  I was asked for a Star Wars and an Ariel themed party though and for them that means a sloppy homemade cake, a couple balloons and plastic tablecloths---and they were pleased as pie guys!  I'm not saying that we shouldn't go all out and above and beyond for these precious treasures, for some of you that is your talent and joy!  But we should surely NOT kill ourselves or stress doing it.  They are so simple and easy to please and the most forgiving little spirits.  Don't put so much pressure on yourselves--they don't expect it.  And I'm pretty sure "Pinterest perfection" is not Biblical.  Don't get me wrong guys, I love the Pinterest, but sometimes if I let it, it can be a foothold for Satan to show me all that I'm NOT doing.  Dude, my kids are still little and they don't even know what Pinterest is! I've got a few more precious years of ignorance and innocence to capitalize on before they are aware of what else is out there!  They don't know that the blogger or instagrammer you follow went all out and spent $500 and 60 hours putting together their kids' party ---so don't torture yourselves comparing yourself to them while your kid just wants YOU.   They expect your presence over your perfection.  It's ok to be simple. So, take a break from those unneeded and unattainable expectations you're filling your brain with---stop letting the world tell you you're a bad parent because you don't do X, Y and Z.  You punch that thought in the kisser and do your thing.  These pictures tell me a different story than what I was thinking in the chaotic moment of it all and for that I'm glad and thankful.

(besides this one here, this one is just plain sad)

The next day G was back to normal and she DID get to blow out her candles :)
(also, laundry is overrated--see evidence from wearing same shirt two days in a row. )

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Camping Trip #5 (2016) William O'brien State Park with Riverway Church

We were excited to venture on another camping trip this weekend (scorching heat aside) to William O'brien State Park with our friends, new and old, from our church, Riverway.  It was such a fun weekend of community building, simple living and an appreciation for the nature around us (though we could have gone without the torrential down pour).  We spent our time at the beach on Lake Alice, playing games, walking around Stillwater, eating, throwing knives (yes, really), enjoying bonfires and s'mores, scavenger hunt style hiking, fishing and we even had our own cooking competition--"Chopped" style (the boys won against the girls, so that means they are now required to show off their expertise in cooking dinner for their families all week).  This weekend was another wonderful opportunity for the mom's and dad's to socialize while we let our children run free and rampant for hours with other kids and just hope that none of them get lost or hurt.  Thank you to the Prices for putting together such a fun event!  We are already looking forward to next year's trip!

Throwing Knives (press play!): 

Cooking Competion (boys vs. girls):


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