Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not enough hours in the day.

Ok, I have about 3.8 minutes to write a quickie update, so here it is fast and furious:

1.  Work is going great. Busy, like there are not enough hours in the day busy, but great!  I love what I do and I am so lucky that I was given this opportunity.  However, working between two schools ( 2 days at one, 1.5 at the other) is not at all glamorous or preferred and sometimes seems like a joke.  I am getting used to it though.  I only went to the wrong school once so far.  :)  I had my first observation by my principal last week and If I do say so myself--I rocked it!  She told me I did a great job and that I am better than a lot of first years she sees!  I am taking that compliment and running with it--- motivates me to keep on keepin' on and strive to be the best school counselor I can be given the circumstances I am in.

2. Everett.  This boy is my life.  He is so fun now and cracks me up.  If laughter is the best medicine, then spend an hour with my guy and surely you will be healed of your sorrows!  He is walking everywhere now and seldom takes a break to rest or sit down.  He is saying things like, "HI",  " Bah Bye", "Uh-Oh", "Doggie".  I love his little voice.  I want to capture it in a bottle and bring it to work with me. 

He started his first daycare experience when I started work a couple months ago.  The first few weeks were miserable.  First, having to leave him with strangers and walk away from my screaming child while he is saying, "mamamamamama".  Yeah that is just cruel torture.  He wouldn't eat, play, sleep, nothing! We debated what to do and if we should find another.  The daycare women are great and patient and caring---the kid just was not feeling it for the longest time.  Then, one day it just all fell into place and his days started getting better and better and now, well I wonder if he likes it more there than here!  He loves interacting with the other kiddos---especially the big ones!  I think it was harder on me than it was on him--but mama is glad it is no longer a problem!  It is hard enough having to leave him all day, but I am so glad I have Tuesdays off to have mommy/ Everett dates! Daycare Bonus: we only pay $35 a day!  Such a good deal if you ask me!

3.  I'm pregnant!

Ok, not really.  I just really wanted to put an exciting 3rd update because I like three. 

BUT someone else is that I know! :)

So, in a nutshell (where did that phrase even come from?) that is a little update of what has been going on and why I have been a bad blogger. (Sorry! And THANKS for those who actually read it!)  Seriously, who do I talk to about adding more hours to the day?!  There are blog posts  to be blogged, crafts to be crafted, dogs to be walked, cheeks to be kissed, fun to be had......

OH! I can't believe I forgot!  I went to the Civil Wars concert this week! Woo Hoo!  It was one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life!  Their opening Milo Greene was quite fantastic as well.  Good good show.

Hope to be updating more often and perhaps dusting off the old Etsy shop? Hmm, time will tell!

Halloween fun- Lumberjack Larsons!

Ok, my 3.8 minutes is up!


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