Monday, June 28, 2010

Long time!

I guess my original idea of blogging to get sales pooped out on me and the business of life kept me from being motivated to keep it up. WELL, now it is summer vacation my friends and my life is open, free and full of opportunity. I am not guaranteeing that I have anything interesting to write about, but I am at least something interesting happens to me this summer. A few things to get everyone up to date:

#1: We are expecting a baby boy in September and are so excited! We are ready for our world to be rocked with this little miracle and cannot wait to meet him! (28 down weeks on Thursday).

#2: I finished my practicum and completed my Masters degree in School Counseling in May and can officially be referred to as a school counselor (well, as soon as my license arrives!) I am proud of myself and love the freedom of being done with school!

#3: Looking for jobs has become a part time job for me this summer. I ask myself what the chances are that someone will hire someone 7+ months pregnant who will just take a maternity leave right away, but I will not lose hope! School counseling is my dream and it will come to me soon enough! (Fingers crossed)

#4: I have been a bit of a craft-o-holic lately with more random things, but have a better feeling of where my shop is going and what types of items I like creating best. It is being narrowed down to up-cycled vintage items. Using materials such as old sheet music, maps, handkerchiefs, bingo boards, postcards, labels, etc! I love the old stuff I find and want to share it with everyone.

And it is....the big plug....Check out my shop :) It is new, revamped and stocked full of unique items! If you have an idea of something you'd like custom made, I am totally open to it!

Now that I have a little one on the way, I am trying to take advantage of every avenue to earn money and save up for the necessary things in! :)

I'm baaaaaaack!


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