Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Chic

As my home gets increasingly flooded with baby gyms....high chair....exer-saucer....tubs....bumbo rags.....I am learning to embrace it as sort of "baby chic" decor.  Only a specific population can pull it off.  Its all the rage, and well, comes with being a parent (or grandma!).

I really love to decorate rooms, so I was a little stubborn when Everett's stuff started crampin' my style.  Trying to store it away.  Hide them behind, under, in things. Fold them up and put them away.  It was OCD - anal retentive bad.  But really, I'm like that all the time--- with everything, so its really not a huge shocker that I'd be this way with all of Everett's things.  I've been accused of taking dishes away before people were done with them, vacuuming up crumbs as people are eating, washing the sink as my husband brushes his teeth, tucking in the love seat cover every minutes, dusting the TV while people are watching it, cleaning up food messes before the food preparing is over, and about a dozen other obnoxious tendencies.  I've got poor husband!

So, it was really no surprise when I wanted to 'de-clutter' (don't even get me going on the de-clutter thing---I am a self proclaimed minimalist!) the rooms and keep them as they were before all the baby stuff.  I mean....are baby swings and  burp rags and bottles strewn about really that aesthetically pleasing?  My initial opinion on this matter was "Helllls No!"  And it is not like my decorating and decor is all that awesome.  I just like to decorate. Its like....blank canvas, meet creative soul.  I like to switch things up all the time and change the look of rooms and add cool vintage finds and just have fun with it.  Its like an art project to me!  You see these rooms every day...why not make 'em cool to look at?

After awhile it became hard to rebel against the new decor.  First of all, some of it is heavy and moving it all the time sucks.  But also, once I began to see how much Everett really enjoyed all of these things and witnessed smiles and giggles and new milestones with them it was harder to look at them as junk, but rather pieces of memories.  Like the time we put him in his swing and he wiggled around so much that he was practically swinging with half his body hanging out of it.   Or the time he first learned to press buttons for noise on his play gym and the look on his face when it happened.   Or how a recently acquired high chair makes me stunned at the realization that I have a big boy that has grown so so SO fast!  Looking at these objects now just makes me proud to be a mom and happy to have been making memories along the way....even if they are crampin' my style.  Its like a dead giveaway that we have a child whenever anyone comes to our home and sees all of this stuff  (not that we have many people over that don't know that we have a kid--but hey--the pizza man has been known to frequent our residence quite often).  And I like that....I don't even have to say, "Hey, I'm a mommy!"  They'll just know, and well, I think that's cool. 

So, here's to 'baby chic' decor.  May it increase over the years and forever cramp your style!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Giveaway!

Time to pop in (I know it's been awhile, but this mama has been sick!) quick and post something I am VERY excited about--a giveaway!  Who doesn't love free stuff?!  Well, as promised before, Jeemaa from Mylilmarket is going to be giving away not one, but TWO of her super cute necklaces.  Great for mama's--but honestly, ANYONE can wear these! (BTW--I love mine!)

Here are the details:

-giveaway starts TODAY and ends next Friday 4/1
-The prizes are two necklaces (pictured above)--so there will be TWO winners!
-Comments = entry into the giveaway.  Leave a comment on this post and whamo bamo--you're in! (winners will be handpicked next Friday)

That's it! Easy right? Now I know you want one of these and you get double the chance to win, so get to commenting folks! :)  In the meantime visit Jeemaa at Mylilmarket and learn more about her handmade products and see what other great things this stay at home mama creates!

Need a comment prompt?  Well, how about you let me know when/if you have started your spring cleaning and what all do you attack when you decide to get 'er done? :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Top Ten

Feeling a bit lackadaisical--yet still contemplative, so this'll be short n' sweet.

I proudly present the TOP TEN THINGS I HAVE LEARNED THUS FAR IN MOTHERHOOD (and still learning!)

#10: Celebrate the milestones.  Smiles...coos....teeth....rolls...crawls...poops...sleeping through the night...eating solids...grabbing....noticing mommy and daddy.  No matter how small the milestone, they are always exciting to mommy and daddy. Always.

learning to role onto tummy

#9:  Take pictures. Often and always.  Videos are great too.  Even if they are ridiculous and he won't care to see them when he is a teenage, his mama will.

#8:  Zippered sleep and plays are 100 times better than the button ups.  After buttoning and re-buttoning outfits after I skip over snaps--zippers have been a God send. 

#7:  I'm not crazy for still having to check if he is breathing in his sleep.  It helps mama sleep; so why the heck not.

#6:  Spit up is inevitable. Embrace it as a fashion statement---other parents will understand.

#5:  Mom knows best.  Trust my instinct no matter what the circumstance or inconvenience.

#4:  You can never call the doctor or google too much.

#3:  No amount of sleep, surfing the internet, running errands, cleaning or doing dishes is worth ignoring my child for.  They can wait.  No matter what. They can wait.

#2:  Cheeks are made for kissing--good and often.  'Nuff said.

#1:  This is THE best, greatest and most important role I will ever have in this lifetime. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the winner is....

After a real legit process of writting down numbers on a piece of paper and having Everett 'pick' one, the winner is......

Thats right! #4--TigerLily--Congrats!

Please, email me your contact information (email) and then I will contact Jan from BibsBibsBibs and give it to her to connect with you about your bib choice, where to ship, etc.

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Also, speaking of "Ive got it comins"  I had a wonderful thing delivered from the mailman a couple days ago.  Hey...mail is exciting ok?

Look at this little pretty!

From MylilMarket

Jeemaa from 'Mylilmarket' on ETSY has these really cool "nursing necklaces"--but really they are for ANYONE!!  I love mine!  It is so cute and earthy looking and she had soooo many to choose from!  It is nice and solid so children cannot break it and the circle pendant and stones are great for curious baby fingers. She is going to be giving one away on my blog REAL SOON--so stay tuned if you want one of these pretties!!

In the meantime, check our her sweet little Etsy shop HERE--there is lots to look at! 

Everett loves it too :)

Happy Hump day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've got it comin'

What is it about ordering things online that is so exciting?  Here's how I see it.  See, we search online for the item of our hearts desire--books, clothes, presents, furniture, accessories, sports equipment, food, etc.  Then, we press that 'commit to buy' button and send off our order.  Now, we wait and the waiting and excitement--even for the seemingly non important items--builds up and we think, "Hey, I've got a package coming to me--cool!"  I mean, for real, who doesn't like getting mail? And sometimes you forget about it as soon as you press 'order' and then a couple days later you find a package in the mail and it bumps up your day a few notches--at least at the moment.

Or perhaps you are like me and you have things planned--dates, events, dinners, vacations, movies, etc. that you look forward to.  However, sometimes more than looking forward to them, you make them the focus of your day/week/month.  You think, "well, if I just make it through the next couple of days, I have that dinner with my best friend comin up and that will be so fun", or, "I have that big bonus comin to me, so I just need to make it until then.

It's the "I've got it comin" syndrome.

I'm ashamed to say, I am a victim of the syndrome myself.  Finding things to look forward to, whether a soon arriving online purchase or a date with the husband or girlfriends.  Planning much of my happiness and joy around the things I've got comin to me, rather than what is already in front of me.  The plain 'ol "I've got it's".

Is it so hard to live a life content and joyful in the moment without for a minute looking to the next thing to bring us our temporary high?  Why must the thought of a package or a dinner date bring us more excitement than the gift of another breath we have been given?

Maybe I'm the only one in this boat, but I'm sure there are a few other souls out there who feel the same.  Should we never look forward to the packages, dates, vacations, days off, etc?  Heck no!  But, we should be quick to stop ourselves from letting the fleeting "I've got it comin's" from directing our joy in life.

Now if you want an "I've got it comin'"--lets talk about Heaven.  Can I get an Amen! up in here?!  :)  Um, Hello, that's a pretty dang big deal to look forward to.  Perfection.  Happiness.  Holiness. Angels. Worship. Love. Jesus!  Heaven is a pretty big deal folks and its OK to have the syndrome for this one.  This would be favorable in God's eyes--would it not? For us to live our lives wholeheartedly excited for what we got comin to us.  To run--no--sprint towards it.  My package in the mail gets womped by this sucker.  Dinner dates with the husband (sorry Curtis!) just cannot compare.  We don't even have to pay (money) for this one!  Jesus just gifted us the biggest "I've got it comin" ever!  No shipping and handling for this one.  Nope.  There will be waiting, but we should get excited about it.  Giddy even, go for it.

"There is plenty of room for you in my Father's home. If that weren't so, would I have told you that I'm on my way to get a room ready for you?  And if I'm on my way to get your room ready, I'll come back and get you so you can live where I live.  And you already know the road I'm taking." Thomas said, "Master, we have no idea where you're going. How do you expect us to know the road?"  Jesus said, "I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me"  --John 14:2-6 (the message)

I've got it comin!.....Do you?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Number two.

 Ha! I bet you thought I was gonna talk about poop huh? Nah....Actually, I save the juicy stuff for the end--pun intended :P Bah dum bum!

Number 2. Comes after 1, but 1 is first, so 2 has to be second.  No matter how hard 2 tries to be 1, it can't because it's number 2 and 1 is 1.

I am number 2.  I am no longer numero uno.
My needs are number 2.
My desires are number 2.
My free time is number 2.
My sleep is number 2.
My hunger is number 2.

I think you all know I'm talking about this guy:

Now, of course I don't mind being number 2 to that face---Honestly, who could?  But I would be lying if I said it wasn't a shock to my ME ME ME system (insert clip from Finding Nemo with the birds...MY..MYYY....MYY...MY..MYYYY).  After all, I've been number 1 all my life.

Maybe that is where the problem lies.  Living life like I am number one.  That's kind of like, ya know...selfish.  Right?

The fact is that my good God is number 1.  No...actually, He's better than a number.  He just IS. He reigns. Period.  Its not hard for me to understand that, nor glorify the fact, however sometimes its just darn hard to put my desires number 2 and his desires for me, number 1.That's just plain silly---He's a lot smarter than I am.  Time for me to wise up, take the back seat and live a loud, proud number 2 sorta life.

Everett sure has me wrapped around his finger though, running to every cry...spending money on clothes that last no longer than a month...forgoing a good nights sleep...building mammoth arm muscles by the amount of cargo I lug around...planning EVERYTHING around him!  It takes me ten times longer than before to get laundry and dishes done.  I live in sweat pants.  I smell like spit up and have it fashioned on most of my clothes.  I make everything a song and talk an obnoxious 5 octaves higher than any person should.

It's different.

Sure, I could say life was easier before as number 1--but was it really? I'm not sure.  I just know that each phase of life has its challenges and takes work and nudges us towards being number 2,  but I take being number 2 to him any day over being number 1 without him.  It's an adjustment, like all life changes.  It doesn't always come easy--but the good things in life take work! -- Family, relationships, love, happiness........poop.

Yup, I said it.  Poop.  It takes work.  Just ask Everett, or catch a glimpse of his pitiful little poop face.  I will capture it soon enough. We've all see 'the poop face' on some small child one time or another right?  First, the color changes seven shades past tomato red.  Then, eyebrows up--eyes widen with worry, sometimes tears or perhaps desperation.  Lastly, the grunt.  This is how you can tell how much work poop is.  When did we grow out of the poop grunt? Just wondering.

Everett has been a little irregular the past couple of months.  #2 Diaper changes have become more of a celebration now with clapping and joyous poop songs.  If you would see what this kid manages to muster out with all his strength, you would think he deserves a celebration too!

Thank heavens for prune juice and hot baths--seems to be our special weapon these days.

Number 2.

Being number 2 ain't so bad.  When I wake up in the morning to that cry and pick him up and feel his little breath on my face, my heart wells up and gladly chants....I'm number 2! I'm number 2!  I'm number 2!....

(FYI---The giveaway is ending soon!  On 3/16 I will be announcing the winner of the FREE handmade bib!  Be sure you leave a comment to be entered into the drawing!  Check out the giveaway here! )

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Potatoes and Bibs

This sweet bib was created by Jan from BibsBibsBibs
So, Everett has started on solids officially (about a month ago), so he is practically all grown up now. It's been a messy process and he is about as picky of a eater as I am.  So far we have been successful with rice cereal and sweet potatoes. Really child? You are going to live on sweet potatoes?  Many other fruits and veggies will go in, but come out faster than you can say Gerber baby.  Needless to say we are going through a lot of bibs, burp cloths, wash cloths, paper towels, sleeves, etc. around here.  I believe I have an abnormally regurgitative (Yup, I just made that word up) child, so it makes matters worse! 

 The whole starting solids food process is a bit scary to me.  It just solidifies even more how responsible I am for my little guys development and growth.  Which, you would think after 9 months in my belly and 6 months on earth that the thought would have settled in, but that's a lot of pressure!  What if I don't feed him the "right" foods right off the bat.  What if I don't feed him enough and he starts shrinking.  What if all he ever eats IS sweet potatoes?  I know...its all just another symptom of mommy guilt and being a worrier at heart, but I think fretting is also a genetic trait, so I can't help it anyways :)

     Well, tomorrow is a new day and we are out of sweet potatoes, so baby boy best find a liking to something else!  Its also going to be a somewhat nice day tomorrow here in the frozen tundra so we may venture outside for a walk to the park.  It reminds me that this mama has GOT to get in shape for my upcoming triathlons, yikes! Well, like I said....tomorrow = new day.

Now, for the FREE and FUN part!

You can find a sweet bib for any special little person in your life here!  Jan has an amazing assortment of colors and fabric for both boys and girls and MN friends...she's local! Also, one special commenter will receive one FREE bib from this lovely little shop! Simply leave a comment!  This mama is old school and draws from a hat--so it's real legit!  The winner will be announced on 3/16 so leave your comments and let me know what are you looking forward to this Spring!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Plastic vs, People

Ok, confession...there are times that I get perturbed  when the husband puts our baby in front of a toy that makes noise---or just gives him some plastic blinking noisemaker.  Then, at times...I find myself doing the same.  Frankly, it's downright hard to entertain a child (6 months old) all day every day with nothing but yourself, books, songs and everything else that is holistic and natural.  Honestly, what did people do before toys that made noise and blinking lights?  I am definitely not saying I prefer this plastic day and age, but at times, it does make life easier.  And that is sad. 

When a baby cries, what is the first thing 90% of us do? (made up statistic :) )  Shove something bright, noisy and colorful in their face and say, "Look! Here you go! Oohhhh, look at this! yaaaayy!" Can you see yourself doing that? I can. I have.

Merry Christmas!--Have some plastic!
How do we change our first instinct to combat fussiness and baby boredom from plastic to people?  They are intellectual and communicating human beings right?  All Everett has to do is see someone's eyeballs and he gets a huge smile on his face.  So how does it get so hard to do and how can I as a new mother instill more importance in those personal and human interactions for my baby rather than the plastic that is all around?

Ok, I'll admit I DID have this grand idea of creating all of his toys out of wood and fabric and all homemade products.  I made a few cute little block houses, then well--do I REALLY have time to make toys for my baby when I'm trying to give him all the intimate and personal interactions I can?  I don't want him to grow up being that 'weird' kid that had to play with all of mommy's homemade creations growing up, but I also don't want him to get the idea that #1: If I fuss a bit, mommy will get me what I want, but don't really need and #2: the idea that things.....plastic....junk....will fulfill him in times of distress, trouble, boredom, etc.  I think we all are accustomed to that, right?  "I'm having a bad day....time for retail therapy!" 

Does it just keep spiraling from here? Is he going to have an ipod at age three, cell phone at age five and a laptop by the time he's a tween?  What happened to the other forms of entertainment? Sidewalk chalk, rolling down hills, playing house, riding bikes, baseball/kickball, sledding, puzzles, bath time,etc? ( BTW, Everett LOVES his bath time :)

Bath time is all this boy needs!
Am I beginning to sound like an 80 year old woman? Is anyone else out there having these concerns and internal struggles or am I alone on this one?  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of the things that plastic does offer my child like colors, noises, touch, lights, fine motor skills, etc.  I understand that many toy companies try to offer us these advantages for our children.

Let me know what you think and how you have raised your child/children in ways that reflects more importance on people and communication vs. plastic.

Because I promised...

Here it is in all it's glory...Everett's birth story.  Six months late, but better late than never! (and,'s not short).

5:27- A Birth Story

The day started off with a bi-monthly appointment to check on the status of baby and see how I was progressing.  At this appointment, I was 36 weeks (almost 37).  Dr. Rice checked the baby’s vitals (hearing a heartbeat inside of me never got old!) and measured me and did all of the routine check-ins.  After asking some general questions and getting my answers she then asked, “Would you like me to do a cervical check?”  Though these cervical checks are awfully uncomfortable and not a typical thing I would ever look forward to, the anticipation of Everett getting here was too much to bear, so I let Dr. Rice check me.  I wanted to hear, “oh wow, you are ready to go!” or maybe “I think it will be any day now!” However instead she said, “Well, you seem to have softened a bit, but I wouldn’t expect too much out of it.”  I sunk a little bit, but after all, it was nearly a month away from my due date—what was I expecting!  (I think all of the resounding affirmations from people around me saying I looked like I was ready to go any day may have had something to do with it!)
                We left the clinic making note of our next appointment, a whole two weeks away.  The appointment was earlier in the morning, and as I am not a morning person, I was quick to decide on a nap as soon as I got home.  I went down to sleep around noon and got a good two hours in.  Two O’clock came around and I felt well rested and ready to get on with the rest of the day.  As I positioned myself to get up out of the bed and head to the bathroom I felt…and heard….a dull “POP”.  With this I proceeded to stand up quite frantically, not knowing exactly what my body just did.  As I stood I felt a warm gush, and another, and another.  At this I hollered out, “Cuuuuurrrrtiiiiiss?!”  I sounded a bit frantic, so he came pretty swiftly (He thought I saw a bug!).  As he approached the bedroom where I stood motionless with my legs spread a part letting the liquid run down my leg I said, “I think my water just broke! “  Part of me was a little worried at this point that I may have just peed my pants as my bladder was so squished inside me anyway.  Curtis was taken back at first and kept asking me, “How do you know? Are you sure?”  I remember the adrenaline began to kick in and I started to shake with nerves and excitement.  I proceeded to move towards the toilet as the water kept coming and coming.  (Keep in mind I had also JUST woken from a nap so I was still a bit slow coming into reality).  As I sat bewildered and shocked on the toilet—after all I just had my check up with Dr. Rice—I finally decided I needed to call my mom and spread the word because it was really happening!  After calling mom—frantically—I may add, I called the hospital to tell them of my situation and ask what to do.  This is funny because we took a birthing class to learn exactly what to do in this situation!  The hospital told me to calm myself, pack a bag and come into the triage unit around 4:00.  “No rush” they said.  “No Rush?!” I thought.  “My water just broke!”  I took their advice though and with Curt’s help, we packed a bag and got everything ready for our stay at the hospital—all of this while standing over a towel because my water was STILL coming out!  After we packed our bag and got most everything ready, we called our doula, Sue.  She was planning on helping me in the birthing process with Curtis; however she was not planning on this until September 23rd!  She was as shocked as we were, but assured us that she would make it out here (she lives in WI) to help with the birth as planned.  I cleaned up the house a bit, said my goodbye’s to Axle and we were off to the hospital.  Just the two of us.  Soon to be three.
As we arrived at the hospital, Curtis and I walked/waddled towards the door.  I opted for a ride in a wheel chair so I could stop the awkward waddling.  As he pushed me into the triage, I felt the reality of what was about to happen.  The triage unit was not as exciting as the rest: some tests, monitors, IV’s and a little waiting.  A little after we got there, my mom and sister met us to make the event even more of a party!  Soon after their arrival I was moved to the official delivery room. 
By this point it was around 7 o’clock in the evening and there was little action going on.  I was fashionable in my open backed hospital gown and ready to go!  I was hooked up to monitors and heard the constant beating of Everett’s little heart.  I also heard/felt/saw the monitoring of my contractions.  (At the beginning this was not so bad, but as they progressed and got more painful, looking at the graph of contractions would build up even more anxiety).   I tried my best to get the labor going on my own—bouncing on the exercise ball, rocking in the rocking chair, walking, and speed walking.  These activities only produced small and irregular contractions.  I was in good spirits and totally unaware of what was about to hit me.  I had a great nurse (Molly) who let me eat pizza (from Davannis).  To this day, I swear that was the best slice of pizza I have ever eaten!  Molly helped to make the process calm and worry free and added good company. 
                [My birth plan was pretty straight forward.  I wanted a natural drug free child birth. No questions.  If I got to the point of feeling the need of medication, then I would give in, but I was very strong willed against it and I asked Curtis and the nurses to help me in this decision.  When I was told that they wanted to give me pitocin to induce labor, I was disappointed.  After they had explained their reasoning for not wanting to wait so long with the water broken and nothing happening, I felt a little better about it as I wanted the best thing for my unborn baby.  They started me off with just ONE unit of pitocin at around ten o’clock, and well, the rest was history. ]
                The time started to creep up on nine, ten, and eleven o’ clock.  Around this time our doula, Sue had arrived.  She was so kind to come all the way from Baldwin, WI.  (She had actually planned to meet with me the next day to discuss my desires for the birthing process—little did we know Everett was arriving so early!)  As she arrived, my mom and sister decided that since things were not really moving a long too fast (I was hardly dilated) even after the pitocin that they would head home and come back when Curtis called them.  (Mom stayed at our house so she would not have to drive very far). 
                Nearing midnight, Sue had suggested that we try to get some shut eye as she knew that we would all need our energy once the contractions became stronger and the laboring really started.  Taking her advice we dimmed the lights and I grabbed my iPod to help soothe me into what I had hoped would be a couple hours of sleep.  I should have known better.
                As I turned on my side it felt as if I had the longest contraction ever.  At this point they were about a five on a ten point scale.  As soon as I had that contraction, there was no turning back, no sleep, no rest and no more waiting. 
                This is when the real labor pains began to kick in and the thought of sleeping was impossible.  I quickly found a comfortable position in the rocking chair and that is where I stayed for about two hours.  The pain at this point was intense; I’d say an eight out of ten.  Sue and Curtis were helping me through each painful contraction.  Helping me to breath, drink, relax…breath, drink, relax…
                Now this is where it gets a little foggy to me (probably because of the pain).  From what I recall, the pain was getting too intense to remain in the rocking chair and so other options were given to me.  The one that sounded the best at the time was the tub.  They quickly filled the tub with warm water and I mustered the strength to walk those ten feet to the bathroom and get in.  At this time it was about two o’clock in the morning and I was beginning to feel every ounce of that ‘natural childbirth’.  I was not doing well in the tub.  Relaxing and breathing felt impossible and poor Sue and Curtis had to feel every tight squeeze of my hand.  I could not find comfort or any bit of relaxation at all.  I remember crying out against my better judgment, “I want an epidural! Pleeeaaase, give me an epidural!”  Thank goodness I had such great support there that they helped me to keep my focus on the natural childbirth and helped me find ways to cope.  As the tub was not helping me and I was dilating fast (three cm in one hour!) I transitioned back into the bed.  At this point since things were progressing so quickly, Curtis called my mom and sister and told them that they should probably come back! 
                Around three o’clock I was back in bed laboring through the contractions.  One minute off, one minute one, one minute off, one minute on, etc.  It seemed as if I could get no rest in between contractions and I literally wanted to jump out the nearest window! They suggested an IV medication that would ‘take the edge off’ the contractions and help me to rest in between.  I was at my wits end and it was too tempting, so I accepted their offer of this mode of medication.  It would only last about an hour and would have little to no effect on Everett.  I really felt no ‘edge’ taken off my contractions (now 15 on a scale of 1-10!), but I did feel the rest in between.  It was as if that one minute in between contractions I was in a deep sleep that was continuously disturbed by the cruelest of cruel pains.  But, there was rest.  I needed that rest. 
                When I was around 8cm, my mom and sister arrived back at the hospital and snuck back into my room, where I was less than pleasant to look at.  Huffing and puffing, making weird ‘ooooooooohh-ing’ noises, frantically whipping my limps here and there.  There are stories of these sights, but some stories are better left untold!
                From here it was all labor—for the next hour and a half I squeezed and breathed for dear life with Sue on one side of me and Curtis on the other.  The coaching and words of encouragement from those around me kept me going and kept me focused. 
                Around five in the morning I felt the urge.  The overcoming urge to push.  It’s pretty much just like they say—you feel like you have to poop!  I felt it alright!  I was asking Molly if it was ok to push and she said, “Sure.”  I was very surprised and taken back at how calm and layed back the nurses and doctor was.  I was expecting the all the dramatic stuff you see on TV I guess. So, I started to push...and push…and push…what a weird feeling.  I was slightly embarrassed that I could not control my bowels while pushing.  I recall apologizing for it and feeling silly that I was apologizing, but felt it was the respectful thing to do—apologize when you poop in front of people.
                I was scared, no, terrified for the whole “ring of fire” part of childbirth, but to be honest, it was not as bad as I anticipated and surely not as bad as the contractions!  From about five o’clock to five twenty-seven I was pushing little Everett out.  I could hear the gasps and excitement of people when they saw the hair and the top of the head with every push.  “Here he comes, I can see him, he’s right there!” and then a resounding sigh when I stopped pushing and he seemed to get sucked back in (gross, I know).  With a few more pushes it progressed and finally I could FEEL his head.  Now if that’s not weird I don’t know what is! Weird in a cool and remarkable kind of way.  They positioned the mirror so I could have a look and while I wanted to see, I more so wanted him out more than anything so the mirror was more in my way than anything.  I caught a glimpse though and boy was it surreal.  Curtis kept looking down there and seeing this action and I could just tell the excitement in his face that he was so excited for this moment.  This moment we are about to meet Everett.  This moment came about a month earlier than expected, but it was a moment I, we, will never forget.  5:27. 
                He was out! He’s here! Our little boy is here!  In my exhaustion and fatigue I felt so out of it, but still fully aware of the moment.  They whisked him away as soon as he came out because of his pre-mature timing (there were many doctors and nurses crowded in the room because of this).  His daddy cut the cord and witnessed all the firsts—first weigh in, first cry, first measurements and even first pee! Curtis said he peed as he was coming out of me!  As soon as they checked him over and cleaned him up, they brought me my bundle. What a bundle.  No one really prepares you for this moment.  This moment that your eyes meet your new little newborn and what happens inside.  Words cannot even describe this monumental feeling, but it is at that moment—when our eyes met that I knew I was in love.  This slimy, swollen, red faced peanut had my heart.  I just remember us staring at each other (I am not sure if he could really ‘see’ me, but I like to think he could).  He lifted his head and tried to look at his mama and I was an oozy, puddle inside.  I thought I would cry—I even got annoyed at Curtis for saying he would not cry, but it was such a surreal and happy moment that all I could do was smile.  Smile and stare and my new little boy. Everett John Larson.
                Soon after this the celebrations started! Mary and Jeff, Curt’s parents came in to meet their new grandson.  I don’t think there is a more excited pair of grandparents out there!  I called my dad, who was excited to hear the good news and couldn’t wait to meet the first boy in our immediate family!  Erin and mom where there to share in the celebrations and I can’t forget Sue.  I couldn’t have done it without her help.  Sue and Curtis were my rocks in this process and she did a phenomenal job as a duela.  She still asks about Everett and reminisces of his birth and how touching it was to her.  Curtis was ear to ear smiles for the next few hours and I could tell that he was one proud daddy.  From here, the rest is history and every moment since has been a blessing!  5:27. What a great moment in my life!


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