Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall. Family. Fun.

Here are some pictures of some fall family fun we've had with both Curt's family and mine over the past few weekends.  Fall leaves....crisp air....hotel'm sad that both of our vacations are over!  At least I have some pictures to remember them by!

With Curt's family we took a long awaited trip to the Bayfield Apple Festival---somewhere we have not had the chance to visit again since we got engaged!  It was so great!  We rented out a large cabin for us all to stay in and it was---heavenly!  All tucked away in the woods and warm and cozy.  It was just what the doctor ordered for a fall obsessed girl like me!

This past weekend for MEA break, we (Curt, Everett and MY family)  ventured up to Crosslake for a fall getaway.  We had a yummy Italian feast, walked across the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park and had some fun pool time with all of the kiddos.  Not much was planned, but that made it all the better---utter relaxation.  Ok, so with a toddler there is only so much relaxation involved, but it was a perfect balance of chaos and vacation.

Have I mentioned I love fall?

Next fall centered activity in the books?  Family pictures next weekend along with pumpkin patch and Halloween party!  Yowza!

What do you do to celebrate fall?


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