Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Its just a lazy Sunday afternoon here in the city, so I just thought I would blog about and post some more personal pictures of my "treasures" :) In this case I am talking about the treasures and spaces around my home that I just love. You know-- those things and spaces in your home that just make you smile? Well, here are some of mine!

First off is my special re-purposed chair. I got the chair off craigslist and foot stool at the antique store. I painted the footstool to match the chair and the recovered both cushions with a great yellow paisley (umm, yes, by now you should know I like paisley) fabric. To top it off is a sweet pillow I got on sale :)
Next, is a great architectural touch to my home. These great little nooks house my collection of milky white vases found at a thrift store. I love them!

Next is a great bench my sister wasn't using, so I snatched it up and made it a quaint little window seat :)

One of my BFF's inspired me to do this. she has something similar in her home!

I found this chair on craigslist for $5! What a steal, I thought it was perfect the way it was so I didn't even do anything to it. On it is my new (old) handmade blanket I got at the thrift store for $3! Great finds make me happy! (and yes, those are my ratty old slippers--I may be the only person who wears slippers during the summer).

Here is a view of my dresser with some of my faves like well, the dresser itself! It was actually my moms and she passed it down to me. I like how rustic and detailed it is. Then there is a cool little ring/trinket holder that was my grandmas, some pictures and a great Owl bank (another thing I love--owls!).

Here is another treasure I found on craigslist that I cleaned up a bit and painted yellow to put over our bed as a kind of bringing the outdoors in type of feel :) Also note the great duvet cover I got from Urban Outfitters! love that store!

Cutest dog ever! I think he is pretty handsome if I do say so myself!

Let's see, last but not least is my desk! I sit at this desk about 0-2% of the day, but hey, it looks good. It was a pale natural wood that I painted red and added some fun knobs and decals on. One very special thing sitting on it is my grandpa's old radio. He is now passed, but I still have it on the station that he used to sit and listen to the Twins on. If you look really closely you can see a picture of my husband and I the day we got engaged--yes those are homemade engagement photos! Maybe I'll share that story another day!

So--there you have it folks! A little glimpse into my home and the things about it that make me happy and enjoy just chillaxin at home!

What things about your home make you happy?


  1. Wow- everything is adorable! I love that chair at the top with the pillow- great fabric!



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