Friday, January 4, 2013

If we got to talking...

If you sat down with me and we got to talking, you would know:

I stayed up late last night watching, "won't back down".  Such a good inspirational movie!

I made a resolution to be vegan....then vegetarian 6 out of the weeks 7 days :)

I have a weird obsession with owls

In year two as a school counselor, I still feel that I'm not doing enough and overwhelming  pressure to "measure up" to what people want/need me to be at work and what was in place before me.

Despite the pressure, I love my job.  Love!

Everett and I have a new bedtime ritual now--when it is time for bed, I tell him, "ok Everett, you can go to bed or cuddle with mama on the couch for a little bit"  Of course he'll choose anything but bed!  So we cuddle on the couch together and he doesn't move...that's a big deal.  He also loves touching his mama's face.

I got a new area rug and it makes the room seem ten times cleaner--no more dog hair woven into the rug!

Everett and I stayed in our PJ's all day.  No shame.

I'm getting excited for March 3 months  :(

I have really really amazing friends in my life.

My Krispy Kremes are all gone and that is a very sad thing.

Thanks for talking! :)


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