Saturday, September 14, 2013

The first few days.

Ahh, the first few days postpartum.  Nothing like them.  They are both great and testing!

A few thoughts that have run through my mind this week:

-Epidurals are great until they wear off.  My back feels like I've had about 100 five pound rocks thrown at me!

-Hormones are cray cray.  One minute I am so happy and high on life, the next I feel sad and weepy.  Ugh.

-Days broken up into three hour increments go like a fast blur---I'm still trying to figure out what day it is!

-Eating? What's that?

-Sleep?  What's that?

-I finally decided to turn off my work email and only check it once per day....ok....maybe twice.

-Am I ever going to have time to make a single camera strap again!?  Poor Paisley Maze.

-The human body is truly amazing.  I mean, I'm still a bit uncomfortable and all and need to pop some ibuprofen now and then, but I had a baby 4 days ago and I'm feeling almost back to normal.  FOUR days people! I'm not running any marathons or anything, but being able to just the the "usual" physical stuff this soon after---God did a good job creating our bodies!

-And the body woes---I have to lose how much weight?!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the pretty gal.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

She's Here!

No longer a baby bump...but lump of love! :) 
Yeah, that was totally cheesy, but c'mon guys, I'm high on new baby-ness, so let's just let that one slide!  

Miss Greyleigh Mae Larson was welcomed into the world yesterday 9/10 at 6:40 a.m.  Weighing in at 7 lbs, 10 oz.

I get a little flutter of excitement when I hear people say her name because it was "our" secret for so long.  It's fun to hear!

We are so in love!  I can already tell she is a little miss independent---coming on her exact due date and all, I mean that makes her part of the minority right there---like 4%.  You swim against that current little girl.  Either that or she'll be completely organized and punctual.  Either way, I'm excited to find out!

We'd be cuddling her right now, but she decided to rent out a little place in the special care unit. Due to me having an infection in the amniotic fluid, baby girl needs to be hooked up to antibiotics for 48 hours, thus not able to be in our room.  This is hard, but we know she is getting the care she needs!

Her birth story, boy, its short and sweet, but in a nutshell: 

Sunday night, mama went in to hospital--turned out to be false labor, came home Monday.
Monday night contractions started up again around midnight, much more intense and closer together.
By 2:00, there was no denying that this was REAL labor and we needed to get to the hospital fast!
Grandpa came to get E, and then we went all bad-ass and ran red lights to get to the hospital.
Got to the hospital around 3:00 a.m. and flew to the L&D unit.
Contractions=Pain=Epidural....I had nothing to prove this time around!
Due to little change in dilation, they broke my water around 4:30 when I was at 4 c.m.
They checked me at 5:30 or so and I was already to a 7 and so glad I wasn't feeling any of it!
Around 6:35, the kind nurse came to check me again, opened my legs and quickly shut them and proclaimed, "oh my gosh, the head is coming out!"
Within the next five minutes, I woke up Curtis, opened my legs, gave a little push and bam!
6:40 she was here!

So crazy fast.

More details and pictures later, but for now, bringing you a few pictures to meet our new little gal! 

Off to sip some lactation tea!


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