Friday, February 7, 2014

I have no clever title for this post, so just read it.

So, I figured I better start updating a wee more often than I have been or else I may have a jealous and saucy tween on my hands some day, seeing that her brother got all the spotlight. 

A few things we've been up to over the past couple months:

-Everett is learning more and more at day care and we couldn't be happier with his "teacher"!  He comes home and sings us the days of the week, talks about letters and shows more and more interest in different foods.  It's amazing, and I love it.

-Greyleigh sounds like a baby velociraptor.  She's a tricky girl.  Half of the time, her squawks and squeals are out of delight and the other half they are in pain from teething or just being pissed that no one is paying attention to her.  Always keeping us on our feet, that girl.

-Curtis got promoted to full time in his job, which means more money, vacay time, and more great experience for his next career---whatever that may be.

-I began a lifestyle change towards being fit and healthy eating.  I've been working out 6 days a week for the last 5 weeks and have been eating about 80/20 clean and whole foods!  It's been easier than I anticipated and I'm kinda liking the changes that are going on and how great and healthy I feel.  I have another "challenge" coming up in a couple weeks that I am excited to dominate in. 

-We've been trying to have G try her solids with rice cereal and I'm not sure if the past few feeding have been too successful as I'm pretty sure most of it was just stuck on her face and not in her mouth.   We've got a little work to do on that next milestone.

-Greyleigh gets dedicated this Sunday.  We are so blessed to have her as a gift in our lives and we are so overjoyed to have the opportunity to publicly dedicate her to Jesus and pray blessings over her.

-Everett is still very obsessed with Sandlot, and Benny "The Jet" Rodriquez.  He about jumped out of his skin in excitement last week when he saw Bruno Mars on TV at the Super Bowl, because in his mind, they are the same person.  Of course.  Not only can Benny play ball, but he's got mad moves and a voice like buttah!

-This last week was National School Counselors week and was finally publically proclaimed by our governor in MN (this, thanks to much of the hard work of our state counselors association and even one of my very esteemed team members!)  It makes me so proud to serve my school in this position and I'm so glad it is being recognized.

Pictures have been few and far between--a fail on my part--but here are a few highlights:

For more "raw" snapshots of our life--check out my Instagram feed: lauralilarson


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