Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer week #3: Colorado Vacation!

Here is what our week has looked like!

Playing Firefighter at the Children's Museum.

Creating a work of art at the Children's Museum!


Crazy lightning here in Colorado....some of which led to the picture below...

Fire in Boulder.

All Aboard!

The Tremendous Trio!

Everett has a fascination with buttons...belly buttons.  :)

Pouty Pants.

Everett takes his rides very seriously.

Popsicles are very serious thing too.

There's a smile!

Who knew my pops had a pizza shop!

Visiting daddy at "work".

And grappa too!

Loving those mountains! Or...'mounins' as Everett calls them.
Just me hangin' with the mountains in the background. :)

It's been pretty eventful!  
My Colorado pictures wrap up and top 10 is soon to come!
Hope everyone else is having a great week!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Road Trippin' it.

I am not sure how much of this post would make sense as I am running on two hours of sleep, so I'll keep it short and sweet.
We are in Colorado now for the week for work (my husband's) and play--after a 15 hour car ride.  Yeesh!  Remind me not to do that again. 
I think we will have some exciting things to do this week and special people to visit and can't wait to be in 'vacation mode'.  Our hotel room is already going to be the dismay of the housekeepers and I am pretty sure I lost my room key....again.  BUT, I don't care because I'm on vacay, dude!
Here are some shots from the car ride up...the really...really....REALLY...long car ride.  :) was rough at times, I wanted to crawl out of my skin and give the stink eye to every passer-by, but we survived. And though Everett did not really sleep the whole time like we had hoped, he did marvelously and was a little trooper the whole way!  I am just so glad to be out of the car!

I'll be taking more shots this week with both my camera and Iphone Instagram.  You can follow along, just find me at: lauralilarson.

Alright, now I'm gonna go fall asleep watching the Bachelorette and wish that I was in Prague, like Emily. 

Nighty Night!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

fathers day.

Being a good mother helps him be a good father.

I try to remind myself of this daily.  And some days I feel like I fail at it and others I feel like we are rock star parents. All I know is that I am so glad that I have married the opposite of myself (most days), so together when our stubbornness, selfishness and pride subsides, we seriously rock as parents :) 

His logicality compliments my rose colored glasses.
My OCD and over protectiveness compliments his lackadaisical and laid back attitude.
His fun and child like side compliments my cautiously playful and waiting with bandaidsfor someone to get hurt side.
My overly affectionate and loving side compliments his less smothering and more high fives side.

....yikes....he's way cooler, huh?!

Well, I guess I married up and Everett sure got lucky that we balance each other out!

Some of my most favorite moments as a parent are those moments when we are in a crowd of people--not even necessarily next to each other, but focused on Everett and the way he is entertaining those around him.  Everett will do something to capture everyone's attention and we'll both smile in adoration and then our eyes meet for a few seconds as we smile, as if to say, "Hey, we have a pretty awesome kid, huh? Yeah, and he's all ours!"

No words. No grandiose event.  Just that glance.

Here's to you Curtis on your second Fathers day!  We love as much as our hearts can hold!


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