Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What we've been up to.

Sorry to let you down again--another absent DIY post.  But I promise, next week I'm back in action with DIY!  We have been busy around here having fun celebrating Everett's birthday!  He had a special party on the weekend and today he had a birthday date with mommy and daddy and a special party at grandma and grandpa's!  Everett has not been short on people lovin' on him that's for sure!

This mama is tired, so I will just share some pictures of our fun times the past few days!

And with that, the birthday boy is all bathed, cozy and in bed another day older.  I can hardly believe he is already a one year old, but I am so excited to see what this next year has in store for us for us!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tunes and a little Nostalgia.

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Tomorrow at 5:27 in the morning marks one of the most life changing events of my life.  Filled with so much emotion, excitement, fear, gratitude and love.  I cannot help but reminisce and be a little nostalgic over the experience and the tiny, new, perfect, innocent and vulnerable bundle that 5:27 a.m. gifted me.

  And now I cannot help the tears that well up when I think about that day and that moment--that moment of an instant love connection when I knew I would do anything for this little being.   I am in awe of how such a little package has grown to be such a little person, full of life, personality and smiles.  So many changes have happened in just one year and I am so blessed to have fostered and witnessed this growth.  Everett makes me proud--so gosh darn proud to be a mommy--his mommy.  Little did we know he was coming nearly a month early, but I am so glad I got to meet my sweet boy earlier than expected.  We are very excited to celebrate our special guy tomorrow. He has brought us so much joy, and we are truly richer with him in our lives!

You can view Everett's full birth story HERE!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thy Will be Done.

My God and Father! while I stray
Far from my home in life’s rough way,
Oh! teach me from my heart to say,
“Thy will be done!”

Though dark my path, and sad my lot,
Let me “be still,” and murmur not,
Or breathe the prayer divinely taught,
“Thy will be done!”

If but my fainting heart be blest
With Thy sweet Spirit for its guest,
My God! to Thee I leave the rest--
“Thy will be done!”

If Thou shouldst call me to resign
What most I prize, it ne’er was mine;
I only yield Thee what was Thine;
“Thy will be done!”

Renew my will from day to day,
Blend it with Thine, and take away
All now that makes it hard to say,
“Thy will be done!”

Then when on earth I breathe no more
The prayer oft mixed with tears before,
I’ll sing upon a happier shore,
“Thy will be done!”

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pay it Forward Friday!

My PIF post is coming a smidge early this week because well tomorrow I will be at the state fair all day filling my belly with fried goodness--so obviously no time for blogging.

This week I was Pif'd on.  Hehe. You know that sounded funny.  Ok, for real though. There were four instances (and probably more!) that people let their kindness take the moment and it benefited me. A lot.  They may not know it, but I was touched by their generosity and love, which moved me to PIF on others.  (chuckle)

My mom filled up my gas tank.
My husband leaving me encouraging notes.
My mother in law paid for the postage of a whole slew of invites that needed to be sent for a special occasion.
One of my BFF's split a yummy restaurant sandwich with me free of charge.

Not extraordinary.  Not extravagant.  Just kind. Purely and genuinely considerate.  That is what PIF is about folks!

On my way home this evening, I was stopped at a light and in the city you often will drive up next to individuals asking for money--work--food,etc.  Tonight I was that first car at the stoplight right by a woman with her sign.  I normally do not give money because of the fear that they will spend it on alcohol/drugs and will offer to buy them food if we are close to a fast food place, but this time I felt a little different and gave this woman the money that I would have spent on the sandwich I split with my friend and told her "Jesus loves you so pay it forward!". (That was a total run-on sentence, sorry!)  I don't know how she'll use it and I'm ok with that.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and sprinkled a little PIF dust.  I hope it works :)

This week the challenge is to PIF on people with post-its!  Write an encouraging and kind statement or comment on a post-it and place it in a public place!  I am excited for this one--are you?!  Even better---take a picture of your note where you stick it and post about it here!

Feel free to leave your comments of how you are PIF'ing on others or others are PIF'ing on you.  Hehe. :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little out of sorts

Hey friends,

Some of you may have noticed---or not really at all---that I didn't do my usual Tuesday and Wednesday posts this week, but I decided I wasn't in the "mood".

Ya know when you just don't feel it?  You don't want to force creativity--happiness--glass half full type o' attitude.  Well, I'm there.  A little childish I know, but I have been sulking.   Sulking in the realization that after dozens and DOZENS of job applications, interviews and rejections, I am still unemployed,  broke  and a little less confident.  The school year is fast approaching and I still have nothing locked in.  Not even any prospects.  I have had my hopes lifted and dropped more in the past couple weeks than in my last couple of years!  I've had many conversations with God about this.  About His plan.  A few, I admit were a bit heated on my part, but in the end my mind keeps going to the fact that He is sovereign and has a plan for my life--a good and perfect one--and with faith in that, I will get what I desire.  Its just the whole waiting thing that I am not fantastic at.  But God  is sure dong a good job stretching me in that virtue.

So, this week I allowed (still allowing!) myself to go through the gamut of emotions (and maybe a little sulking) and take a break from the creativity I am so often driven by and just wait until I "feel it". 

I do have something cool to share for my "Pay if Forward Fridays" post, so I promise I will be done sulking by then.  Remember even if you don't link it up---Pay it forward!  :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pay it Forward Fridays

If one person PIF to three people and each of those three people PIF to three more people and each of those three people PIF..........

From now on, I am going to have a regular post on Fridays centered around paying it forward--PIF.

We live in such a fast paced and often times self-centered culture and it is easy to fall into selfish ways rather than slowing down to do something kind for someone else.  It will be my weekly challenge to you (and myself!) to PIF every week (the more times the better!) and we can all share our stories here every Friday!  Also, if someone has PIF to you, that would be a great story to share!  Through the "Simply linked" tool at the bottom, you can share a blog post with me and everyone else about your PIF experience (maybe you have already done or experienced one this week!), or simply just leave a comment. 

Why pay it forward?:

  • It takes ONE person to make/start change in a community.
  • It not only builds your self-esteem, but the self-esteem of those you PIF to.
  • It will encourage us to get out of comfort zones in a positive way and even meet new people!
  • It is like a ripple effect--but it will take a conscious effort to keep it going and going and going....
  • To help us and remind us of the power of giving to others and showing kindness towards others on a regular  basis.
  • Because sometimes people just need to know that someone cares enough about them to make their day, even if they are a stranger!

Need some ideas?:
  • If going through the drive-thru, pay for someone behind you.
  • Buy someone's groceries
  • Volunteer--ANYWHERE!
  • Pay for someone's gas
  • Leave a random note of kindness in a public place--public restroom perhaps! :)
  • Babysit for free
  • Donate your time, food, money, heck even a kidney!
  • When walking buy a homeless person, ask if you can buy them a burger or bottle of water.
  • Give a compliment--give generously
  • Put a quarter in an almost expired meter
  • Bring a box of donuts to work--or send them to someone else's!
  • Be polite--hold doors open and say your please and thank you
  • Pack a care package for troops
  • Give a generous tip
  • Give blood
  • Encourage someone
  • Smile

Those are just a few.  Get creative.  Get personal. Not all kind gestures take money my friends.  But they do take effort on our part and a desire to make the world a better place--ONE person at a time.

This week I am going to PIF by making a point to pay for a strangers' gas, groceries or food!  Being so tight on money myself, I know what a blessing it can be to have an unexpected surprise like that. I will post how it went when I have done it!

ONE person can make a difference.

Pay it Forward Friday starts.......NOW! (remember to leave a link to your PIF post!)

Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how. 
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Wednesday--Personalized Coasters

This past weekend was my father in law's birthday and we wanted to do something really special for him.  In the past I have had fun making some decorative coasters and thought of a way to really personalize them so they are more meaningful.  This is an inexpensive and easy way to make a useful and special gift for someone you love....or like :)

What you'll need:
Ceramic tiles (Lowes, Home Depot)
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Tissue paper-white (actual tissues, napkins or gift wrapping tissue paper)
Foam or Cork adhesive pads for bottom of coasters

First, you will want to decide what images/pictures/words you will want placed on your coasters.  For our present we picked a picture of Everett and a funny quote about having grandchildren.  I saved this into a word document.  When you are ready to print your images, tape your tissue (all I had was actual tissues, the square ones) to your printer paper.  Make sure the tissue is not going over the edges of the paper as it may jam the printer.  Also, remember that word documents usually have about an inch margin on each side of your paper so keep that in mind when printing your image/s.  Now, place the paper--with tissue taped on (one ply is best)--in the printer and make sure that the way it feeds through will be on the tissue side.  When you are done printing you will have something like this:

Now cut out your images so they fit onto your tiles.  I cut mine a bit smaller.  In the end product, you cannot even see the white anymore, so if you cute too small, or a little uneven it is ok.  Also, it is much easier to cut the tissue while it is still taped to the paper.  Once cut, peel down to one layer.

 Now using the foam brush and mod podge, brush a thin layer onto the ceramic tile and place your image on.

 Gently...pat down your image so it adheres to the coaster.  I usually do this step with the side of my hand because it is flat and covers a large part.  If I do it with my fingers, it can get stuck and rip the tissue.

Now place another coat of mod podge over the tissue.  Its best if you really coat it on so it does not rip the image.  Its ok if it looks really white and blurs out your image--it will dry clear!

  Let that dry for about 30 minutes and then put another coat on and let it dry overnight.

 When they are all dry place, your protective pads on the bottom of each tile.

Grandpa loved his gift! :)

 You can do this with virtually any decorative napkin design you like as well--just cut it to size and follow the same steps.  Or you can go this more personal route and use your own pictures, photography or artwork.

Have fun!


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