Monday, July 19, 2010

Bruised but not broken

Well, my first 'craft show' has come and gone and well.....I may have left a little bit of my pride and dignity there, but I am feeling a bit better now. It was in a sweet little town not to far from the cities and was run by the cutest little boutique! The owner wanted to build sense of community in the "bedroom" town (I just learned what that means.) and so she has thrown together this little market every weekend to help the process. It sounds like it has been a slow process, but her intentions are so admirable! On Saturday it was myself (and my mom!) along with 4 other not a lot to draw a crowd in. Actually, I think about 5 people crossed my table. The day was not a total loss though, one of the other vendors bought a pocket mirror AND the boutique took a ton of my stuff to put on consignment! So, now it is 'out there' and maybe I'll have some luck with the locals :) Plus it was a nice sunny day and not too bad in the shade. Here is a peak and my set up. I know it is not the most professional looking, but hey...I'm a newbie :) I'll take any tips that come my way though!

(My mom..a.k.a. my biggest supporter)

(It was a great location...cute little gazebo in the background! Sunny skies...till the Tornado later that night!)

(Ok, I just had to throw this in...isn't this just pitiful?! This is what I have to face every time I leave him. It is just sick the turmoil I am left with!)

And so, nothing to brag about here. I will still create until it kills me and someday.....I'll find just that right creation that people HAVE to have--or maybe one that pays the bills :) So, off to the drawing board!

Goodnight friends!

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