Wednesday, August 18, 2010

h o p e

Thought I'd pop out a post quick to let everyone know I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I cannot really say I have been busy, but maybe just unmotivated? The past couple weeks have been consumed by my never ending cycle of disappointments. Craft fairs yielding zero sales, interviews yielding zero jobs, serious financial hardships, stresses in the marriage, etc, etc, etc...

Life is just tough right now. I know with every down there is an up and life will turn around (especially with our baby comes in 5 weeks). I seriously hate to complain about my hardships with all that I am blessed with compared to many. I just cannot help but fear the worst at times and worry for the future. I want to bring baby into a happy and financially stable home, but right now it is beyond stressful and not so happy. God is my source of hope right now and that is all I can do. In THIS, I HOPE there is an end coming soon.

Perhaps you are the praying type and would like to throw up a quick one for my little fam? I would be much delighted by it! Here are some requests:

1. God would provide $$$ for us to pay our heaps of overdue bills.

2. God would provide me with a school counseling job (interviews needed in the next few weeks)

3. God would help to restore my marriage and what the stresses of life have done to it and that my husband would view me in a more loving way.

4. Baby Larson will come out healthy and naturally (fingers crossed) and there will be no complications during labor or birth.

5. That my happiness and joy in life would be restored.

I fully believe in the power of prayer and that God listens. I appreciate anyone who reads this and blesses my life with their prayers.

I promise my next post won't be so doom and gloom! :)


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