Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ely, MN.

A little late in the game getting this out--but this spring we went to Ely, and I cannot wait to get back there! Here's some pics from our adventure!


Two birthdays less than 2 weeks apart makes for a lot of celebrating at the end of summer.  First, we celebrated Everett turning FIVE (not sure how that happened!) by having some friends over for water fun, pizza and cake.  What a great group of friends he is building!  He is so pleased to be 5--I think he talked about wanting to be five since he turned four, so life is pretty awesome for him right now! And just yesterday we had a low key family celebration for Greyleigh's second birthday (again, how?!)  We enjoyed cousin playtime, cupcakes and a bonfire on a picture perfect fall like day. I can't even tell you what  joy it is to celebrate these loves of mine.  Even though they grow faster than my heart can handle, it is so fun to see them become such different personalities. They hold my heart so tight.

Celebrate good times, C'mon!


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