Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Growing Pains.

It seems like just yesterday this little tike was trying on his first baseball cap and finding his love for baseball.  I remember--while he was still in my growing belly--having whimsical and elaborate daydreams of little league nights with my boy.  Chomping on big league chew and sunflower seeds, warm summer nights, singing "take me out to the ball game", the clinks of the bats, cheers of the crowd and a sweaty, dirty, but happy little ball player.  That vision came full circle as Everett has now begun his little league career.  I can't help but get a little emotional with mommy growing pains, thinking about those first daydreams now becoming a reality.  It is going to be such a fun ride to watch him grow in his abilities and have have a ball #punintended :)

And to all those other parents and coaches--please remember, competition is fun, but it's just a game, they are just babies, and that kid in the outfield that loves this game is my boy.

Play Ball!


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