Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I've been up to

So, in excitement over both the nursery prep and my upcoming craft show (first ever!) -- I have been pretty busy. Here are the latest pictures of the nursery. Now, it is not nearly as decorated as it could be yet, but that is what baby showers are for right? :) So here it is with all the 'essentials' and a few cute things.

(The four small pics above the changing table are really special to me because thanks to my grandpa--they are prints from the ACTUAL negatives from NASA and the moon landing. They are the real deal and I hope my son appreciates them as much as I do!--Also, it is not in the room yet, but thanks to my other grandfather our little guy's room will also have an authentic autograph and photograph of THE Babe Ruth!)

Now what else have I been up to? Oh yes! Crafting! My bff's mom gave me a little gift the other day because she thought I could teach myself how to make them and sell them in my upcoming craft show. (plus I am a self proclaimed kleenex addict). Here are some pics of my newest creations: Kleenex pouches! (I discovered they can also be used for sanitary napkins, travel wipes, ipods, etc.) I made them out of vintage and non vintage fabric. They are super easy to make and look at how cute they are. Just toss one in your purse and no one has to know that you are a kleenex whore like me :P

(These are some of my person faves!)

Just showing how they are 'two-toned' I love the combo of the yellow and green! They are either backed with this great yellow or else a pea soup kinda green--sounds kind of ugly I know, but I promise their cute:)
Here I am just showing a glimpse of the inside and how they "work"

So, what do you think? I am not sure I'm gonna put them up on Etsy--we'll see how they do at the craft show this Saturday. But hey, if YOU see one you like let me know! They are quite cute and only $3.00 and I'll send them free of any shipping charges just because I like you :)

So with that, any advice for Saturday? I am pretty excited for the craft show, but also a bit nervous, I have no idea what to expect! Any advice is appreciated!

Ok, I think this has gone on long enough and now my stomach is growling, so time to settle down to some comfort food and relax the night away after a couple of hard working days!

P.S. Check out my shop and the 'Christmas in July' sale I am having--it's worth it I promise :)


  1. Thank you MeshaSuicide for being the first to purchase a sweet little Kleenex pouch! I hope you enjoy it :)

  2. I'm sure I'll love it ! I take the blame for not having read the whole article before, but I did just now :P

    I'm sure you'll do great at the craft show ! I'm very new to your work but I can assure you I love it already ! The mirrors specially, but I'm such a mirror whore I have ten thousand already haha.. the sachets sound wonderful and I love the scent of peppermint :D

    Also, judging from this only post and your nursery, I see you'll give birth to a baby boy ? That's so exciting ! Congratulations ! I love babies so much :'D Just by seeing how your nesting is turning out and the precious gifts you're giving your son already I can say you'll be a great mom !

    See you around ! ♥



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