Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little of this. A little of that.

First, a little update on the growing bump.

How far along? 17 going on 18 weeks

Total weight gain: Five pounds
Sleep:  Well, after talking to my all natural/chemical free nurse this week, she encouraged me to start taking an OTC sleep supplement.  I was surprised and relieved!  SO,  I've been introducing benadryl to my sleep regimen and holy cow--what a difference!  I literally fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up refreshed.  No kidding, I will fall asleep on my side and wake up in that same position 8 hours later.  I am out like a light and I LOVE it!
Best moment this week:  A surprise date day with the mister after my mother in law offered to steal her own date with Everett for the day!...AND she got him to go potty in the potty.
Movement: Still flutters.
Cravings: Salty things.
Gender:  We find out in about a week!
Fruit/Veggie Size:  Sweet Potato

 Symptoms: My skin has had some not so pleasant additions added to them--like itchy rough patches. Ick.  Random nose bleeds--those are quite fun. Or no.
Looking forward to: Garage sale prepping, house searching and spring weather.

Now a couple photos to dump on you from our lazy Sunday.  Seriously--it was so lazy.  Like I'm still in my pajamas and smell like the half rack of ribs I ate the night before, kinda lazy. (Hey, don't judge, I'm preggo--so I get to eat for two, right?!)  Morning sickness was furious this A.M. so mama ditched church while the boys went and I was, well, lazy.  Sometimes taking care of yourself can be the best kind of worship---right?   That and listening to a new Jesus loving band.  Songs of the Fall--seriously, check 'em out.  They are like The Civil Wars meets David Crowder. 

After Sunday cleaning, organizing, work prep and naps, we spent a bit outside to enjoy the weather pretend like it was Spring. 

Living in the city, we see/hear these quite often. Today for some reason, it was really annoying to me.  They pass over our house literally about ever two minutes and they are CLOSE.  I could probably wave and they'd see me.  By mid summer, we hardly notice them anymore.

Hello cute boy.

Hello handsome dog.

See that yucky white stuff? Yeah, that's about all that is left in our yard.  Bout. Darn. Time.

Almost 18 weeks. Ok, I lied...I put on jeans to go outside.  So, I guess I DID get dressed :)

Oh ya know, just climbing trees.  This little boy is gonna need a tree house one day--and I'm going to be so jealous of it!

First grill out of the spring.  Axle snatched one of the hot dogs, and Everett didn't even eat his.  Better luck next time.

How was your Sunday?

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