Thursday, April 18, 2013

If we got to talking...

I'll start with a couple throwbacks, because well, why wouldn't you want to see random uninteresting photos of me?!

This was a few days after Curtis and I got engaged.  We look like babies. 


This chica is my lunch date tomorrow.  Friends since third grade and grew up together---so yes, there are bound to be crazy pictures.  I swear when the mac book came out with this app we did this for hours!

If we got to talking....

  • I'd tell you that my house smells.  It will either smell of three things--diapers, incense (thanks World Market!!) or lavender oil.
  •  You'd most certainly hear about my craving of booze that is of course unquenchable until the fall.
  • You'd know how excited I just got about being able to edit my Amazon wish list for baby, now that I know it's a girl! :)  
  • I might tell you about an upcoming sewing project I have in mind.
  • I'm sure I'd bring up work and how much I love love love it--especially now that things are really slowing down and I get to talk to 6th graders about career and college readiness and have some really cool volunteers coming in to speak to them!
  •  Perhaps I'd bring up some of the weird and random thoughts I have.  Like, what if our baby had both "parts" and we had to decide which one it would be...or wondering where do eyelashes go when they get in your eye and don't come out--seriously, is there a whole plethora of them sitting behind my eyeballs?
  • You'd probably catch on that I'm a bit OCD about things.  A funny OCD moment I remember from when I was little is that when I would shop with my mom or grandma or anyone at a clothes store, I would literally have to touch each piece of clothing I walked by.  If I walked by one and didn't touch it, I would feel the overwhelming anxiety and have to go back and touch it.  What a weirdo.  I don't even think my mom knew about it.  Glad I ditched that habit.  Now I just buy everything I pass by  :) 
  •  Oh the weather---I might have a few cuss words involved in that topic.  I want Spring!
  • I'd actually probably just listen most of the time anyways :)

Nice talkin' to ya!

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