Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I've been learning about potty training my boy.

Potty training.

Oi Vey. 

I'd say it's less like this:

And more like this:

Ok, ok.  In all honesty it hasn't been as awful as I had anticipated it to be--it's just been a process to say the least.  We are in a pretty nice groove now with our practicing and things are going well, but still lots to do before this boy is fully potty trained! He sure is being a rock star though and I can tell it is building his confidence, which I love to see!

Some things that I've learned through this process:

-Attitude is everything!  If I'm not excited about this whole thing, then he's not going to be either!  This requires smiles and clapping in the least--but most often involves wild and crazy celebratory dances, high pitched screams and squeals of celebration and candy--no shame in bribery these days.  

-Find a motivation.  For my kid it's candy--to which we've upped his teeth brushing sessions!  Thankfully he likes those too.

-Don't take things personally.  If he goes potty for EVERYONE else before he goes for you.  It is OKAY.  Use that as a resource and a encourage it--don't get down on yourself as a mother and think you've failed your child in his short life of 2.5 years and  mope around the house feeling sorry for yourself like I may or may not have done.  Encouragement is key and so is using those experiences he has with grandma and auntie and daddy to encourage him to be a big boy and go potty for mama!

-Training Pants.  Pull ups are great for when we are out and about.  I don't think we are to the point of underwear in public yet, but it's great for around the house and makes him feel like a big boy!  The cooler the pull ups and big boy undies--the more enticing.

-Knowing when he's ready--mama knows best.  A lot can change in a few months in regards to him being ready.  I struggled with this Christmas break, and then Spring break.  I felt it was too soon, but wanted to make use of the time off I had.  I don't think it was until he saw his other cousin go potty recently that he felt confident he could do the same.  He knew what to do and how to respond to his bodily urges when on the potty--it was more about him being ready and WANTING to try.  I'm sure he could have physically done it months earlier as he did on a few occasions, but lacked the desire to do so. 

-Don't compare him to any other child.  It's not good for you and it's not good for him.  He's a unique kid so it'll be a unique experience.

-It's messy. Ick.  Many accidents will happen.  They need to be viewed as accidents and not messes that he should be punished for.  An accident is an accident and its an experience he can learn from so try to also make it  a positive one---while you're sock is sopping wet with urine.  :)

-Set a fun and exciting timer.  On my phone I have a ringtone that Everett loves.  I set an alarm using that tone every hour or so and when he hears it, he knows--it's potty time!  We try to make it as fun and exciting as possible!

-Don't plan to have plans.  When you are potty training your child--YOU do not have a schedule.  Period.


Sometimes it just takes a little positive self talk.  "Don't worry mama, he'll get there."

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