Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pay it Forward Friday!

My PIF post is coming a smidge early this week because well tomorrow I will be at the state fair all day filling my belly with fried goodness--so obviously no time for blogging.

This week I was Pif'd on.  Hehe. You know that sounded funny.  Ok, for real though. There were four instances (and probably more!) that people let their kindness take the moment and it benefited me. A lot.  They may not know it, but I was touched by their generosity and love, which moved me to PIF on others.  (chuckle)

My mom filled up my gas tank.
My husband leaving me encouraging notes.
My mother in law paid for the postage of a whole slew of invites that needed to be sent for a special occasion.
One of my BFF's split a yummy restaurant sandwich with me free of charge.

Not extraordinary.  Not extravagant.  Just kind. Purely and genuinely considerate.  That is what PIF is about folks!

On my way home this evening, I was stopped at a light and in the city you often will drive up next to individuals asking for money--work--food,etc.  Tonight I was that first car at the stoplight right by a woman with her sign.  I normally do not give money because of the fear that they will spend it on alcohol/drugs and will offer to buy them food if we are close to a fast food place, but this time I felt a little different and gave this woman the money that I would have spent on the sandwich I split with my friend and told her "Jesus loves you so pay it forward!". (That was a total run-on sentence, sorry!)  I don't know how she'll use it and I'm ok with that.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and sprinkled a little PIF dust.  I hope it works :)

This week the challenge is to PIF on people with post-its!  Write an encouraging and kind statement or comment on a post-it and place it in a public place!  I am excited for this one--are you?!  Even better---take a picture of your note where you stick it and post about it here!

Feel free to leave your comments of how you are PIF'ing on others or others are PIF'ing on you.  Hehe. :)

Happy Friday!

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