Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little out of sorts

Hey friends,

Some of you may have noticed---or not really at all---that I didn't do my usual Tuesday and Wednesday posts this week, but I decided I wasn't in the "mood".

Ya know when you just don't feel it?  You don't want to force creativity--happiness--glass half full type o' attitude.  Well, I'm there.  A little childish I know, but I have been sulking.   Sulking in the realization that after dozens and DOZENS of job applications, interviews and rejections, I am still unemployed,  broke  and a little less confident.  The school year is fast approaching and I still have nothing locked in.  Not even any prospects.  I have had my hopes lifted and dropped more in the past couple weeks than in my last couple of years!  I've had many conversations with God about this.  About His plan.  A few, I admit were a bit heated on my part, but in the end my mind keeps going to the fact that He is sovereign and has a plan for my life--a good and perfect one--and with faith in that, I will get what I desire.  Its just the whole waiting thing that I am not fantastic at.  But God  is sure dong a good job stretching me in that virtue.

So, this week I allowed (still allowing!) myself to go through the gamut of emotions (and maybe a little sulking) and take a break from the creativity I am so often driven by and just wait until I "feel it". 

I do have something cool to share for my "Pay if Forward Fridays" post, so I promise I will be done sulking by then.  Remember even if you don't link it up---Pay it forward!  :)


  1. okay, so maybe i'm not supposed to say this, but sometimes i think it is GOOD for the soul to take a few minutes (or days) to SULK. to really experience the feeling, to allow yourself to feel the emotion, and then to let it go.

    so go right ahead and sulk :)

    new follower, please stop on by:

  2. ha .. i loved the commentt before mine ... i'm with her she said it perfectly!



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