Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little 2 a.m. guilty pleasure

Yes. It has struck again...the insomnia bug.  At least this time I am draining my brain into the internet rather than organizing all of my storage bins.....or not.

This will be short.....and oh so sweet.

I am slightly obsessed with this cute little pair.  I posted a video of them together HERE a couple months ago and just think they are so fun!

I love the sass that this little lady has!

Time for me to pick up my guitar and teach Everett how to harmonize!

Enjoy my guilty little pleasure! (Ok, so I don't know why I call it that---but it's 2 a.m and I'm not in bed, so I feel a little guilty....)

(Be sure to turn the music player to the right off while you listen to these guys!)

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