Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Wednesday--Fail.

Sometimes you just have to admit failure, and this time is one of them. 

I know what I SHOULD have done though, so I will humbly present this DIY to you for you to try and maybe have more success than me :) 

What you will need:
Glass bottle of any kind
Glue Gun
Paint (this was my mistake---I suggest spraypaint!)
Newspaper (to keep it clean)

 Take your glue gun and make a design of your choice on the bottle.  A word. A picture. A design.
I chose 'L' for Larson :)

Paint...errr...SPRAYPAINT the bottle with the color of your choice after the glue has dried.
I tried this with acrylic paint, but each coat I would put on would take of the previous coat, so this is what I was left with.

So there it is! Super fast and long as you do it right!  Again, if I would have done spraypaint, it would have turned out much better.  I have so many baby food jars I think it'd be fun to do this with for little things.  The possibilities are endless with this one.  Shapes...colors....sizes....designs...etc.

Feel free to let me know how it goes if you do it and what you made yours look like!

Thanks for letting me share my fail with you!

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  1. this is a great basic idea thought, with the glue gun for a design and paint on top!



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