Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Wednesday--Baby Teether

This is a really fun and easy DIY I recently discovered and since my baby boy is biting on anything he can fit (or not fit!) into his mouth, this project was a must!  It would be great for your own babes, or even a gift to a new mother or mother to be!  It took me about 15 minutes to make and depending on if you have the supplies or not, the price to make it ranges from free to $5!

Supplies you'll need:

Fabric of your choice 
Wooden (unfinished) beads (the ones I used were about 1/2" and I got them from the bead store--but I'm sure Joanne's or Michael's would have some as well.
Sewing machine + thread

1.  Cut your piece of fabric about 5 in. by 24 in.  This will allow for extra room which will eventually be trimmed off.  After you make one or two you can get an idea of an exact length and width.

2.  Fold the fabric in half so that the 'right sides' or designed sides are touching each other.

3.  You are going to sew a line straight down the strip.  Make sure before you sew the line, that your wooden bead will fit through after you sew it.  My line was about 1 inch from the folded edge. 

4.  When you are done, it will look a little something like this.

5.  Trim the excess fabric from the strip allowing about 1/8-1/4 inch on the edge.

6.  For added security, I like to do a zig-zag stitch along the edge.  Plus its kinda fun :)

7.  When you are done, turn the tube right side out so that your design is on the outside.  This takes a few scrawny fingers were good for something...

8.  After you have turned it inside out tie a knot at one end of the tube.

9.  Insert one of your wooden beads into the tube and push it all the way down to the knot.

10.  Now it should look something like this.

11.  Tie another knot on top of the bead and repeat the process until all of your beads are inserted in the tube and have one knot on each side.

12.  This is what mine looked like. ( I wish I would have had one or two more beads!)

13.  Trim off the excess of the one end.  Now you will have about 1-2 inches of excess on each end.  Tuck the frayed edges of the ends into itself so that you have a nice smooth edge on each end. 

14.  Now, tuck one end into the other so they are overlapping.  In other words, make one end eat the other one. :)

15.  Sew that puppy down good and secure.  I went back and forth about 5 times.

16.  You have just made a baby teething ring!  That's all there is to it!

Everett approves! 

Some things I may change next time I do it:  Use organic cotton, use a couple more beads to make it bigger and double up the layers of the fabric for added safety (for fear of Everett biting through one layer to get to the bead).

As with anything, monitor infants with this toy as it the beads are sealed tightly in the fabric, but there poses a risk if the child uses it enough times, they could bite through to the bead.  I would just give it a once over after each time they use it to make sure no small holes are beginning.

Have fun with this DIY and let me know how it goes for you!


  1. Thanks!! I plan to make a few of these tonight! I think I'll leave out the beads altogether and just tie a bunch of knots in the fabric to remove the potential choking hazard...then it's even easier to make! Just wet it and throw it in the fridge or freezer and you'll have an instant baby-calming chewfest.

  2. Just what I was looking for! Thanks! I was thinking of stuffing the "tube" with some cotton batting...

  3. I make these and sell them, and My one piece of advice is the use beads and string them with cording on the inside. They pose a huge choking hazard if they are not secured inside and a little one chews through the fabric exterior.
    Cute fabric! :)

  4. I LOVE this site! You are creative in your writing, making it fun to read, and easy to follow. I also appreciate your safety notes. The anonymous suggesting of stringing them is really good! This will be so fun!



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