Monday, June 6, 2011

Highlights vol. 2

Some highlights from the past few days.....

(So, ok, I'm a little lackadaisical today and its easier to post some pics and a few words here and there rather than spill out an in depth post.  Don't judge.)

1.  Garage Sale.  We had a garage sale from Thursday-Saturday and it was pretty successful.  Everett was my little helper. I wish we could have sold more things or at least gotten rid of them, but I'm happy with the $150 we made! Bike trailer, here I come!

2.  Edina Art Fair.  I had never gone to this art fair and I was really excited to be able to go and check it out this year--maybe get a little creative influence.  We went near the end on Friday and didn't get to see it all, so Curtis agreed to go for a second time on Saturday evening and finish.  This is a pretty big deal.  Curtis rarely ever goes to one art fair with me let alone two!  I was a happy girl!  AND he even worked his romantical muscles and bought me a spoon ring from a local vendor. Swoon.

3.  I got called for an interview.  Ideally, I would be called for a school counseling opportunity--which this is not, however I view this interview as a huge blessing.  I really need a summer job and this position will allow me that as well as something to keep and/or fall back on if a school counseling position does not come to me for fall.  I had the interview today and thought it went really well, but will share more once I know I got it for sure in a week or so...don't wanna jinx it! :)

4.  Grand 'ol day.  Grand 'ol day is a street fair in St. Paul and its mad crazy and crowded.  We've gone once before and really enjoyed ourselves.  This year was a little less grand though.  Poor baby boy had a rough time in the 90 degree heat and it just made everything a bit miserable.  We went, we walked, and we left.  We all probably lost about 5 pounds of water weight that day.

5.  Graduation Party.  We enjoyed some time with friends celebrating one of my BFF's graduation from graduate school.  So excited and proud of her!  It was so nice to see friends and mingle on a beautiful evening.  And i'm looking forward to a free cd from my friends band.  They are so talented and easy listening!  You should definitely go to their site and give them a listen!

6. Thrifting. I went to a thrift store and scored some great things for my craft area and display pieces for my upcoming craft market in Becker this Friday.  Pictures to come of the final set-up, but here is a peak at the loot:

7. Lastly, and kinda silly, but I just ordered my business cards and I am so excited about it.  It makes me feel official and legit!  Check 'em out here.

What were some highlights from your week/weekend? I'd love to hear!


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