Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home. Sweet. Home.

I am happy to be posting this from the comfort (though lack of air conditioning) of my own home!  We survived the trip back and would be happy to not ride in the car again all summer :)  Here are the last snaps from our adventures in Colorado.  We went hiking in the mountains on our last day.  Nothing like a hike in the mountains thousands of feet above sea level to make you realize you are way out of shape.  Ooftah!

It was a hot, tiring and hard hike, but the view was so worth it! 

 It was nice to have a vacation (though I didn't get to see my husband much :( ), but it seems even sweeter to be home sweet home!  We have just enough of a break before our next little adventure to Northern Minnesota for our family reunion!  Until then I've created a new rule.... no car trips should be longer than 40 minutes!

(In no particular order)

10. Sleeping in a king size bed every night.  Though I love my husband very much, sprawling out in the bed without hitting a dog or human is the bomb.

9. A yummy and free breakfast every morning. We're talking fruit, eggs, bacon, potatoes, french toast. yeah, that's the stuff!  I never eat breakfast, so I am sure I added on a few extra pounds, but hello....free bacon!

8. No cleaning up crumbs, garbage or messes.....someone else did that for us!  And...fresh towels daily!

7.  Visiting friends.  We were so lucky to sneak a visit in with some amazing friends we miss very much!

6.  Hearing the gravel and dirt crunch under my feet while hiking.

5.  The mountains!

4.  Colorado Mills mall--complete with outlet stores, bungee jumping, kiddie rides and carousel!

3. Exploring Denver with my favorite little dude and mother in law.

2.  Denver Children's Museum. Simply awesome!

1. Being on Vacation with my family!

( To see more snaps from our vacation, find me on instagram @lauralilarson)

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  1. What great hiking pics! Loved looking at them. Newest follower from Wiegand hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow.




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