Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer week #3: Colorado Vacation!

Here is what our week has looked like!

Playing Firefighter at the Children's Museum.

Creating a work of art at the Children's Museum!


Crazy lightning here in Colorado....some of which led to the picture below...

Fire in Boulder.

All Aboard!

The Tremendous Trio!

Everett has a fascination with buttons...belly buttons.  :)

Pouty Pants.

Everett takes his rides very seriously.

Popsicles are very serious thing too.

There's a smile!

Who knew my pops had a pizza shop!

Visiting daddy at "work".

And grappa too!

Loving those mountains! Or...'mounins' as Everett calls them.
Just me hangin' with the mountains in the background. :)

It's been pretty eventful!  
My Colorado pictures wrap up and top 10 is soon to come!
Hope everyone else is having a great week!

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