Monday, July 9, 2012


Well, we have now ventured into that point in parenting where our child will say a word which to most anyone would sound like jibberish, however to the knowing parents it's like, "well duh, he's asking you to throw that away."  Everett has a number of words that we feel priveledged to be the only ones that know what they mean.

barbitch: garbage
guck: truck
peash: please
dah doo:  thank you
bipper: diaper
bahrdy:  Barney
beer:  up here
foyditch:  Soren (his new baby cousin)  yeah...he lost even me on that one...

He cracks me up.  I mean, most women would be appalled to be have "barbitch" yelled at them, but I know my guy just wants to throw his junk away.  

Keep at it little man.


  1. This is hilarious! We are constantly laughing too at the things our girls say. Anukade (naked of course) has to be our favorite so far! Way to go Everett!!

  2. Hi! I'm Dawnelle from and I would like to present you with a Liebster Award! Your blog is adorable PS!! You can read all about it over on my blog...



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