Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Look!

It's still me...just a new look here on the bliggity blog.

I have been so inspired lately by all of the fun blogs I read and run into---soooo much cooler than mine!  I have impressed myself a bit with my new skills in making banners, buttons and html coded tabs, but still, I got a long ways to go!

So I hope you enjoy this new look.  Knowing me I'll switch it up again in no time, but for now I think it is quite lovely!  If you and your bloggy self have any tips or hints on how to make it cooler (like how to make my tabs into cool buttons!), by all means share!  And if you know about all this html business, for goodness sake, help!!

You may also notice that I have removed my music player.  It was a little hard on my little computer to load it up and made things quite slow.  So, from now on I will go back to "Tuesday Tunes" to bring you all the latest and greatest (in my mind) that I encounter and love.

So many changes around here.....just wait until you see my new revamped craft area in my basement---so exciting!  Still waiting on one more thing to make it perfect, but I promise I will post before and after pics when it is finished!

Ok, this mama's gotta go to bed!  Stay tuned for DIY Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. Looks so great. And I believe there are blog tips over at blogs like Sassy Sanctuary and Momma Go Round! Great job tho. Can't wait to see the craft room!



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