Thursday, July 7, 2011

Green thumbin' it!

That's right, I officially have a green thumb.  I forgot to share about my recent endeavors in container gardening. Ok, well I guess I purposely neglected because I was afraid I wouldn't produce anything, but now that my little cucumbers are blossoming, I can show 'em off like a proud gardener!

I let one wear my wedding ring for a sec so you can see how teeny weeny they are!

I love my little cukes!  I am excited to see how yummy they taste!

How are all of your gardens/plants doing this year?


  1. Those are the cutest little cucumbers ever!

  2. Man, you are lucky girl!! This is super impressive! I can't even make a bean grow. Where did that green thumb of yours come from? I need to get me one! lol. ;)


  3. isn't it the best feeling when you nurture something that can actually, in turn, nurture you? congrats on your cute little cucumbers! i'm attempting tomatoes in our backyard, i have a few little, tiny ones right now!

    happy summer!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Tahnie--I have a cherry tomato plant too...but nada! We'll see though, still have some time for them to sprout!

  5. Hi there- just stopping by your blog and saw that you live in Minneapolis. I live in River Falls, WI. Not too far away :-) Happy Friday!

  6. That's cool Alli--we are like neighbors! :) I actually went to grad school at UWRF!

  7. love it! i want to grow a garden but, i always miss the planting boat.



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