Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 235th Birthday America.

What a weekend.

The smell of bug spray lingering on my skin, the sunburn from sitting in an open stadium and the corn I am still finding between my teeth remind me how good it was.

The hunny and I went to a Twins game.---Since you asked....Twins won! :)

Ready for the day in red white and blue!

Yes, I took a picture of my red, white and blue k'bob's. And yes they were tasty.

Uncle Curtis was a hit....and between the sunburn and the running around, is sure to be sore tomorrow!

Puppy's got a boo-boo.  Between this, getting an electrical shock and the booming fireworks, Pup had a rough day.

Young love.

Homemade ice cream with a lot of helpers!
Baby boy and his grampa

First fourth of July---first fireworks!

I am pleasantly surprised by Everett's reaction to the fireworks.  I anticipated tears, screams, shrieks and fits.   Baby boy just sat still, sipped his bottle and soaked it all in like it was nothing more thrilling than mommy's happy dance.  I heard screams, fits and shrieks, but not my kid.  Nope. I always assumed I be the mom of that baby--maybe because I was when I was little.  Or maybe because he freaks out and cries when I blow my nose or use my magic bullet.  But fireworks and my kid, pssh, no big deal. I like when he surprises me like that.  My kid rocks.

What a great weekend..
Now, please excuse me while I floss the remaining corn out of my teeth.

Happy 4th to you all!

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  1. Best weekend ever..with the greatest family ever!!!



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