Tuesday, June 25, 2013

very plain to veryjane! and a couple updates.

Necklace c/o Veryjane

Photo c/o Everett.  I apologize for the cleavage--it
comes with the pregnancy.  
 Folks, I'm pretty excited to be reviewing the service of a fun little business I've had the pleasure of bumping into.  Basically it's the best idea ever.  Or pretty close!  

All boutique lovers, say I.....and you know how boutiques always carry the cutest stuff but then you flip over that price tag and then you're all like, "Say What?!?" Sometimes they're just so darn pricey?  That's where the lovely Veryjane comes in.  They find those kitchy and eclectic boutique treasures and give you SUCH great deals on the products--as much as 75% off! Say what?!? Oh and let me tell you about variety!  The variety of their products  is out of control ranging from handmade items to jewelry and clothes to iPhone accessories, from home decor to kid approved products- you seriously can find ANYTHING from Veryjane at a great price. 

The deals and products change every day, and sometimes the treasures are nabbed before you even have a chance to get your hands on them--so you have to act fast people!!

I'm a thrifty lady that loves a good deal, and this gem of a site is such a great bargain!  Take a look---you'll be so pleased!


And a couple updates:

#1- I'm 29 weeks this week.  Holy Cow.  That's like getting darn close to her coming.  All is good and has pretty much been the same for the past month or so.  We can't wait, but actually, we can because we have a lot to get figured out before she makes her entrance! EEK!  That leads to number two.

#2-  We are are officially browsing the market for a new home.  To buy.  Very adult like.  Very stressful!  A few  promising options have been in the picture, so hopefully we'll have great news to report soon!

Happy Tuesday!

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