Tuesday, June 11, 2013


You guys, I'm in love.

Well, more like have a new hobby that I am totally crazy for.

Summer started like two seconds ago and I am already on a mission to cross things off my bucket list.  One of them being painting.

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be an artist.  From the crazy crafts I would do as a kid, to the notebooks and notebooks I would fill up of drawings and doodles, and the handmade greeting cards I would take so much time to create for every occassion.  Its crazy how God has instilled in me such a strong desire to create.  Even if it's not "good".  Even if its small and minute--like decorating our dry erase calender with cool lettering and numbers.  Even if its for my eyes only--to create for me is like worship.  It is so fulfilling and connects me even more to my creator.  Love it!

So, since I've always wanted to paint I thought this summer it was darn tootin' time to cross that off the 'ol bucket list and do it.  I got all  my supplies, stood in front of that blank canvas and then it happened.  Love.

I love how in painting you can have no idea what you are going to paint and something still emerges.  In the same way the image can evolve into so many things along the way until it is just right to you.  Two hours spent in painting flies by and I love that.  Did I say LOVE yet!?

With that said, I don't think any amount of love for this hobby can make me worthy to be called a "painter", but I do like that now I can add painting into one of my abilities, because hey, you don't have to be Picasso to say you paint, right?  Well, that's what I'm going with!

There is a site out there for artists of all kind to display their work and even advertise it for selling--they produce all of the products and ship them, all you have to do is upload your work.  Its like a mini art gallery. Super fun!  I used to have some photography on there, but decided to try out displaying some paintings---because I paint now guys :).

(Disclaimer:  I totally DON'T expect to sell ANYTHING, but its just fun seeing your stuff online! Is that a crime?!?..... ahem.)

Canvases, I-phone cases, stationary cards.... all with your artwork on it! 

Ok, before I get too embarrassed for displaying my new obsession, I'm gonna hit post!

What are YOU going to cross of YOUR bucket list this summer?

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