Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break DIY--Wood Crate Night Stands

So, I had a hankering to get my DIY on this week during my time off for spring break.  It starting with an oops, as I botched a painting job to try to refurbish our old nightstands.  So I said, "scratch that!" and began with a blank slate.  So, being without night stands, we needed something by our bedside.  I looked on Craigslist for some cheap replacements, but I wanted something a little more unique.  Enter in craving to DIY.  I took that craving and ran with it to make some wooden crate night stands.


Wooden crates from Michael's Arts and Crafts $13/each.  ($11 with my educator discount--yes!)
I looked online for some cool vintage or used crates, but they were even more expensive!

 Grey acrylic paint.  I had a big tube on hand and just wanted to some to match.  In hindsight, spray paint would have been easier/faster due to the the rough surface of some of the slates of wood on the crate.  I liked the rough look, so didn't want to sand, but it was a beast to get it all coated evenly!

$1.00/ tube (3 tubes)

 These pretty little legs are from Home Depot.

2 night stands = 8 legs= $20 total ( little bit of an ouch)

 Red(ish) satin finish spray paint for the legs.

 That brings it to a TOTAL of $48.59 ($24.29 per night stand)

Some fun accessories to add!


Cute napkins from World Market work great as a night stand cover...because well, I guess nightstands need covers.

2 napkins for $4.00

Letter "L" at World Market


And all that turns into all this.....




  1. How did you add the legs?

    1. It was super easy! The legs came with screws in them, so I just found the right size drill bit, drilled holes (but made sure not to go through!) and then screwed the legs in. Takes a little muscle, but easy enough!



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