Sunday, January 29, 2012

The power of positive thinking--and speaking!

So, there is this dude from Japan named Dr. Masaru Emoto and he is somewhat of a water guru.  He has become famous for his experiments with water crystals which demonstrate how thoughts, words and pictures can alter the physical state of the molecular structure of water. He illustrates how positive thinking and words towards ourselves and others create a physical difference in the water molecules within our bodies---mind you that we are over 60% water.  He has tested water crystals that have been exposed to positive words vs. negative words, beautiful music vs. distasteful music, city water vs. spring water, and a variety of pictures to which the water crystals appear to imitate.   It all seems quite fascinating.

To see some of these experiments with water crystals and read it in a way that is easy to understand---here is a link to a children's book that explains his work complete with pictures!  Go HERE!

Now, being a school counselor of course I eat this stuff up because one of my main goals is to teach kids about the power of their works and thinking.

However, I am also a bit of a sceptic.

So I did what any inquiring mind would do and I performed my own experiment.  You see, Dr. Emoto has also tested his theory with rice because it holds so much water. He conducts his experiment by cooking rice and then putting it in two sterile containers.  One one he writes a negative phrase or word, on the other a positive phrase or word.  Over the course of a couple months the water molecules in the rice will be "reading" these words and their molecular structure will be reacting in a way that is beautiful vs. not beautiful with the end result being one jar of rotted rice and one jar not.  I have also seen this done where you can talk to the rice.  Yes, I did just say that.  Talk to the rice---tell the positive jar positive things and the negative jar, negative things.  Do this for 30---60---90 days and see the transformation.

Now, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube to watch others' experiments and like I said before, I was skeptical so I thought I'd give it a go myself.  I started the experiment about two months ago and I have to say, I am pretty blown away.  I definitely should have taken before pictures and some every ten days or so, but I didn't, so the pictures you will see are about 60 days out.

 So, after whispering sweet nothings to one jar daily, and verbally abusing the other---this is what I got.

The "You Fool!" jar after 60 days:

The "I Love You!" jar after 60 days:

Can you see the difference?!  Pretty crazy.

Now, I know being in an unsterile environment, there is always the chance that some bacteria got in one and not the other, but I tried really hard to make it as sterile and consistent as I could by boiling the jars, scooping the cooked rice in the jars without touching it and having them switch locations every ten days (I had them on my dresser about a foot apart from each other, so take into account light, heat, etc, I rotated them every ten days---and yes, I still talked to them :) )

I am definitely going to keep this going and see what happens in the next 60 days.  I'm still not 100% sold on the whole theory, but I'll give Dr. Emoto the benefit of the doubt, because I want it to be true.  If for nothing else, it is a fun visual to show my students when I come in to talk about positive self-talk, being kind to others, etc.

So there it is my friends, use kind words toward yourself and others---or you may end up with sad and yucky water molecules, and we don't want that!


  1. You need a control...

  2. Okay I love that you did the experiment yourself. And crazy results!



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