Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Ask Mom" Question: Toddlers and eating.

If facing the fact that my sweet baby is now a toddler was not hard enough, now I am faced with the challenge of getting him to eat. Like real food.  Besides milk, yogurt and applesauce.  The kid is solid, so I know he is not starving, but he's gotta be lacking major vitamins and nutrients, and some days we can hardly get him to eat anything!  He flings it, spits it and feeds it all to the dog.  We have him on a vitamin supplement, but my question is:

How do you get a stubborn and picky toddler to eat?


  1. Just keep doing what you're doing!
    They can't understand quite yet that they have to try the food so we just put it in front of our two (2yrs 3 months and 13 months old) and hope they try it. Eventually, they will eat. They always do. It might always be the yogurt that they love or macaroni and cheese for lunch but they will eat something.

  2. There was a time when one of my kids would only eat hot dogs. At least Everett is eating good food :)Though it's tough just keep introducing new foods and textures and know..this too will pass. Some day you won't be able to fill that boy up ;)



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