Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ask Mom: Entertaining the littles.

I have been trying to make the most of my Tuesdays off with Everett as well as weekends, but have found it more and more difficult as money runs dry and the weather gets frigid here in MN. I'm a bit of a homebody anyways, so I don't mind just hanging out at home most days playing and reading books---but I really want to be purposeful in making my time with Everett fun and entertaining, and heck even educational!  He is becoming so much more aware of his surroundings and really taking things in around him. I'm running out of ideas and I just don't want to break our bank going out all of the time to places like underwater world and chuck e. cheese, etc. So my question is:

Whether you live in MN or not, what do you do to entertain your little one/s (or what would you recommend doing with a one year old) that is cheap/free, but also fun!


  1. Oliver LOVES bowling! We have a little bowling set, but they are easy to make with milk/juice jugs, pop bottles, etc. Any ball will do. Then, you can work on counting the pins as you set them up.

  2. I don't have any little ones but my sister in law likes to let the kids play in water outside, garden, attend church, play at a local park, bake and more.

  3. I have so been struggling with this too! I find that I make excuses to get out of the house and stay busy, but that always means I spend money that I don't need to. It's so tough. We're trying to do more playdates with friends so that Evelyn gets social interaction and I don't spend money! :)

  4. We keep an arsenal of new toys in our basement for days when we are stuck inside. We have a lot of friends over for playdates and that seems to help. We also have an indoor tent that seems to make things more exciting (reading books, blocks...) I forget how old E is but we started watercolors with G when she was pretty young and she loves it! Also- we do a lot in the kitchen because baking is so cheap. I just push their chairs/highchairs into our kitchen and have them help me mix :)

    Good luck and let me know if you ever want to come over for a date!

  5. Also- have had this on my mind since I responded the first time- Tuesday morning's we go to a FREE bible study called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) in Edina. The girls get AWESOME instruction about Jesus and the Bible while I enjoy 2 hours of learning and fellowship. There are classes that meet all over but I go the one in Edina. Let me know if you're ever interested- it's totally free and really wonderful!



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