Saturday, March 19, 2011

Top Ten

Feeling a bit lackadaisical--yet still contemplative, so this'll be short n' sweet.

I proudly present the TOP TEN THINGS I HAVE LEARNED THUS FAR IN MOTHERHOOD (and still learning!)

#10: Celebrate the milestones.  Smiles...coos....teeth....rolls...crawls...poops...sleeping through the night...eating solids...grabbing....noticing mommy and daddy.  No matter how small the milestone, they are always exciting to mommy and daddy. Always.

learning to role onto tummy

#9:  Take pictures. Often and always.  Videos are great too.  Even if they are ridiculous and he won't care to see them when he is a teenage, his mama will.

#8:  Zippered sleep and plays are 100 times better than the button ups.  After buttoning and re-buttoning outfits after I skip over snaps--zippers have been a God send. 

#7:  I'm not crazy for still having to check if he is breathing in his sleep.  It helps mama sleep; so why the heck not.

#6:  Spit up is inevitable. Embrace it as a fashion statement---other parents will understand.

#5:  Mom knows best.  Trust my instinct no matter what the circumstance or inconvenience.

#4:  You can never call the doctor or google too much.

#3:  No amount of sleep, surfing the internet, running errands, cleaning or doing dishes is worth ignoring my child for.  They can wait.  No matter what. They can wait.

#2:  Cheeks are made for kissing--good and often.  'Nuff said.

#1:  This is THE best, greatest and most important role I will ever have in this lifetime. 

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