Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Plastic vs, People

Ok, confession...there are times that I get perturbed  when the husband puts our baby in front of a toy that makes noise---or just gives him some plastic blinking noisemaker.  Then, at times...I find myself doing the same.  Frankly, it's downright hard to entertain a child (6 months old) all day every day with nothing but yourself, books, songs and everything else that is holistic and natural.  Honestly, what did people do before toys that made noise and blinking lights?  I am definitely not saying I prefer this plastic day and age, but at times, it does make life easier.  And that is sad. 

When a baby cries, what is the first thing 90% of us do? (made up statistic :) )  Shove something bright, noisy and colorful in their face and say, "Look! Here you go! Oohhhh, look at this! yaaaayy!" Can you see yourself doing that? I can. I have.

Merry Christmas!--Have some plastic!
How do we change our first instinct to combat fussiness and baby boredom from plastic to people?  They are intellectual and communicating human beings right?  All Everett has to do is see someone's eyeballs and he gets a huge smile on his face.  So how does it get so hard to do and how can I as a new mother instill more importance in those personal and human interactions for my baby rather than the plastic that is all around?

Ok, I'll admit I DID have this grand idea of creating all of his toys out of wood and fabric and all homemade products.  I made a few cute little block houses, then well--do I REALLY have time to make toys for my baby when I'm trying to give him all the intimate and personal interactions I can?  I don't want him to grow up being that 'weird' kid that had to play with all of mommy's homemade creations growing up, but I also don't want him to get the idea that #1: If I fuss a bit, mommy will get me what I want, but don't really need and #2: the idea that things.....plastic....junk....will fulfill him in times of distress, trouble, boredom, etc.  I think we all are accustomed to that, right?  "I'm having a bad day....time for retail therapy!" 

Does it just keep spiraling from here? Is he going to have an ipod at age three, cell phone at age five and a laptop by the time he's a tween?  What happened to the other forms of entertainment? Sidewalk chalk, rolling down hills, playing house, riding bikes, baseball/kickball, sledding, puzzles, bath time,etc? ( BTW, Everett LOVES his bath time :)

Bath time is all this boy needs!
Am I beginning to sound like an 80 year old woman? Is anyone else out there having these concerns and internal struggles or am I alone on this one?  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of the things that plastic does offer my child like colors, noises, touch, lights, fine motor skills, etc.  I understand that many toy companies try to offer us these advantages for our children.

Let me know what you think and how you have raised your child/children in ways that reflects more importance on people and communication vs. plastic.

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