Sunday, March 13, 2011

Number two.

 Ha! I bet you thought I was gonna talk about poop huh? Nah....Actually, I save the juicy stuff for the end--pun intended :P Bah dum bum!

Number 2. Comes after 1, but 1 is first, so 2 has to be second.  No matter how hard 2 tries to be 1, it can't because it's number 2 and 1 is 1.

I am number 2.  I am no longer numero uno.
My needs are number 2.
My desires are number 2.
My free time is number 2.
My sleep is number 2.
My hunger is number 2.

I think you all know I'm talking about this guy:

Now, of course I don't mind being number 2 to that face---Honestly, who could?  But I would be lying if I said it wasn't a shock to my ME ME ME system (insert clip from Finding Nemo with the birds...MY..MYYY....MYY...MY..MYYYY).  After all, I've been number 1 all my life.

Maybe that is where the problem lies.  Living life like I am number one.  That's kind of like, ya know...selfish.  Right?

The fact is that my good God is number 1.  No...actually, He's better than a number.  He just IS. He reigns. Period.  Its not hard for me to understand that, nor glorify the fact, however sometimes its just darn hard to put my desires number 2 and his desires for me, number 1.That's just plain silly---He's a lot smarter than I am.  Time for me to wise up, take the back seat and live a loud, proud number 2 sorta life.

Everett sure has me wrapped around his finger though, running to every cry...spending money on clothes that last no longer than a month...forgoing a good nights sleep...building mammoth arm muscles by the amount of cargo I lug around...planning EVERYTHING around him!  It takes me ten times longer than before to get laundry and dishes done.  I live in sweat pants.  I smell like spit up and have it fashioned on most of my clothes.  I make everything a song and talk an obnoxious 5 octaves higher than any person should.

It's different.

Sure, I could say life was easier before as number 1--but was it really? I'm not sure.  I just know that each phase of life has its challenges and takes work and nudges us towards being number 2,  but I take being number 2 to him any day over being number 1 without him.  It's an adjustment, like all life changes.  It doesn't always come easy--but the good things in life take work! -- Family, relationships, love, happiness........poop.

Yup, I said it.  Poop.  It takes work.  Just ask Everett, or catch a glimpse of his pitiful little poop face.  I will capture it soon enough. We've all see 'the poop face' on some small child one time or another right?  First, the color changes seven shades past tomato red.  Then, eyebrows up--eyes widen with worry, sometimes tears or perhaps desperation.  Lastly, the grunt.  This is how you can tell how much work poop is.  When did we grow out of the poop grunt? Just wondering.

Everett has been a little irregular the past couple of months.  #2 Diaper changes have become more of a celebration now with clapping and joyous poop songs.  If you would see what this kid manages to muster out with all his strength, you would think he deserves a celebration too!

Thank heavens for prune juice and hot baths--seems to be our special weapon these days.

Number 2.

Being number 2 ain't so bad.  When I wake up in the morning to that cry and pick him up and feel his little breath on my face, my heart wells up and gladly chants....I'm number 2! I'm number 2!  I'm number 2!....

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