Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's in my bag, oils edition!

Take a look!  I recently ordered some roll on glass bottles from Amazon (seriously, is Amazon not the best thing ever--I never leave my house to shop anymore--further building my social hermit-ness!). These things are so great and handy. I made my own little stash-able life savers to get me and the fam through the day when we're away.  Super easy to do too.  Like, fool-proof.   All of them have olive oil for the carrier oil--not my fave, but it's what I had on hand.  

Bye bye headache: 15 drops peppermint
Sleepy time: 20 drops cedar wood, 10 lavender and 5 breathe easy
Germ-buster: 20 drops thieves
Wake-up: 15 drops grapefruit, 5 drops lemon, 10 sweet orange and 5 eucalyptus 

I feel like a perfume oil may be next, and maybe a tinted lipgloss!

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