Saturday, January 10, 2015


So, I recently told you (remember that blog post where I just dumped everything on you from the last 4 months!) that one of my new favorite oils is Cedarwood!  I just love it!  I've been using the brand "Edens Garden" which I have come to love!  They are 100% pure and while not as costly, compare to many of the top brands of oils.  I also recently just discovered that they give back a portion of their profits to some great organizations (YWAM and Teen Challenge!)  So that just makes me love them more! ( I am not selling oils from them or gaining profit--just sharing my opinion).

Ok, back to Cedarwood.


This lovely oil smells awesome and can be used to treat many skin and muscle ailments.  I've used it so far for calming.  I put it on my wrist or big toe at night at it helps to calm and soothe the senses.  I've actually combined it with lavender oil in some homemade lotion to make a bedtime balm.  Can't wait to use it on the kids!

Loving this oil!  Do you use oils?  Which is your recent fave? How do you use them? I'd love to hear!

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