Sunday, January 18, 2015

A letter to my son's future teachers.

I saw a glimpse of it this weekend--what it will be like for him to be lead by others' teaching.

He is in a class of a whopping four kiddos for swimming lessons.  With not a fear in the world he goes into this lesson like he was born for it.  "Teacher, teacher, watch what I can do!...Can I go first?!...I know how to do that...what's your name?...what's your number?...I can blow bubbles....hey, watch this!...When can we jump in?...When are we going to go swimming?...I want to do it again!...No, I don't like that game...these goggles are hurting me..."

You get the idea.

Within moments, I see the look of pure exasperation and a slight annoyance take up the instructor's face.  Poor thing.

Like many four year olds, he carries with him an endless amount of energy, lack of filter and enough questions to make answering them a full time job.

But in that quick moment, I saw that look on the instructors face and I knew.  I knew I need to start praying for you!

You see, he may not be the one that has bad behaviors or friendship issues, nor will he be the one that goes unnoticed and silently takes up a seat.  He may or may not be a high flying scholar in your class (I personally think he is a genius and is wise beyond his years), but he may very well likely be the one that exasperates you to no end in class...with only the best of intentions, of course.  You know, that student.  The one with the mom that says he's perfect and the, "oh you'll love him, he's the sweetest kid ever!" and then you're going home at the end of the day with one more gray hair from that kid.  The one that has you taking a few extra deep breaths and may require a little extra patience. The one that tests your own wealth of knowledge by asking endless amounts of questions and always having something to say...again, with the best intentions.

I get what a big job it is to not only lead one, but a class of students.  I understand that you have legit superpowers and no other human being can quite understand your role unless they try it for themselves.  I understand that it's natural to have favorites and ones that, well, you're ready to see leave on the last day of school.  I know what a struggle it must be to juggle academic performance with engagement with mindfulness with differentiated learning with a thousand other things.

All I ask is that you try to love my child.  Love is also a superpower that can do more than any being can.  It can help you to see the innocence and purity that may not come out of him at first.  It can help you to see what a huge heart he has for learning, for people and his capability to love others.  It will help you to see what he needs---what he really needs.

So, teacher.  Mr. or Mrs.  I pray for you.  I pray that you have confidence in knowing that you have one of the best jobs in the world and I pray that you teach my son and your class like they are brilliant little minds that are capable of anything they put their mind to!  I pray you give him the benefit of the doubt and see what a strong leader he can be.  Frankly, there will be an infinite amount of prayers I will have, so just know I'm praying!

I know you have super powers, so please help my kid to feel like he has them too!


that mom.

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