Thursday, January 8, 2015

The big elephant.

Well, there is a big elephant in the room of my blog and it's name is, "Holy crap, I have not blogged in ages and so I'm just going to pretend like we are best friends and we can pick up where we left off by just posting some pictures and tid-bits because I'm really too lazy to update you on the last 4 months of our lives"  Phew!

Seriously, moms that have jobs, businesses, kids and families, how in tarnation do you muster up the time and creativity to be consistent.  I want what you're drinkin'! No really, what's your secret!?  Honestly, I feel like I am JUST adjusting to being a mom of two that my "baby" is almost a year in a half!

Well, you asked for it, so here are some pictures.  Ok, I know, you didn't ask, but let's pretend you did--okay?

In a nutshell, those are some highlights from the last few months!  

It's a new year friends, and with a new beginning, come the ever cliche and monotonous resolutions! I don't have a specific resolution per se, however I do have ambitions to keep moving forward in some areas that I and my family are working towards.  I feel like resolutions for me become more of a head game of "I win or I fail".  But when I set out to create new goals and grow in specific areas, I embrace the roller coaster of the ups and downs much better!  Here's what my heart and mind is set on this year (I'm sure there'll be more!)--in no particular order:

1.  Be even more minimal.  We like to think that we are pretty minimalistic when it comes to "stuff", but I know we can do better and de clutter more.  Theres nothing better than filling up a bag full of stuff to get rid of!

2.  Be more health and food conscious.  Last year, I became much more educated on what my body needed to be healthy and how to best take care of it.  I want to keep tapping into that knowledge and keep being good to my body from the inside out.  Cleaner foods, more activity, less eating out.

3. Embrace more adventures and big life changing decisions that God brings to us!  We've had a couple of exciting conversations about some possible decisions coming up in our lives and I want us to go into them head on and trusting!

4.  Stick to our budget and lessen debt.  Those school loans are still kicking our butts.  We've got our budget in place for the year, now to stick to it!

5. Read my Bible more.  God has renewed my passion for the Word and I am so excited to dive back in and learn--and in his perfect timing, we've started a new series at our church (we've become part of a new church!!) about reading the Bible and how to get more out of it!  I have a feeling God will show me a lot through his Word this year and I am thrilled!  

6. Pray more.  By myself. With my kids.  With my husband.  With my friends.  With strangers.

7.  Use more oils.  I'm collecting a perty little collection of beloved essential oils and I'm always excited to find new uses for them and new oils all together!  My new favorite is Cedarwood!  I hope to use oils for at least 75% of our needs (medicinal and ailments)  as a family (we'll see if I can get the mister on board).  Right now I am at about 50%.  It is amazing all of the benefits they give! 

8.  Compare less.  

9.  Be more intentional in every facet of my life.

10.  Be more giving--again every facet.  Time, money, talent, energy, love, etc. 

11.  Take more pictures and videos.

12.  Accept non closure--another multi-faceted desire.

13. Create a positive change.

What are your goals and aspirations for the next year?

I promise I'll come visit again a lot sooner!  Maybe even tomorrow--or today, holy cow, past my bedtime folks! 

G' night!

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