Saturday, July 13, 2013

To Twirl.

Where do we learn to twirl?  

It's not like our moms and dads tell us one day, "ok dear daughter, just remember, when you wear a dress, you need to twirl".  

One of God's gifts to the human race is femininity (along with masculinity!).  It was his idea to make man a man and woman a woman to be embraced and accepted with both hands.  As with any of God's gifts, sometimes it is difficult to understand how to use it or what it means.  I know that is true for me--I'm still figuring out what my femininity looks like and I'm sure I will be doing this well into my old age.

Femininity looks different for every woman.

Some women are easy to peg as our societies idea of feminine with their flowy (and twirly!) dresses, lipstick, high heels and flowery personality.  However, some women are more feminine behind the scenes with their tender hearts, compassionate ways and nurturing/mothering practices.  

I love how God made each woman's way of femininity different, yet gave us qualities that are strictly and sacredly feminine and for woman alone.  He even let us as women embrace some masculine qualities and share some of our feminine ones with the fellas--we're good sharers!

Its so fun for me to see how Everett's little masculinities and boyish traits are popping out.  Like how he is drawn to playing superhero, dinosaurs, trains, trucks, bugs, fighting, baseball, dirt, noise (insert Tim the toolman growls here)---yet loves the color pink, has the tenderest and nurturing heart and is highly entertained by princesses, ballerinas and mommy's high heels.  These qualities don't make him a feminine boy, but show that he likes feminine things---and I'm ok with that.  It shows his adventurous spirit to explore all things and all areas and that masculine adventurous flame should not be put out by the fact that he likes to partake in some "girly" things.  

Heck, today during my niece Ilsa's (pictured above) birthday party, I think he would have been very keen on the idea of wearing a twirly skirt and twirling with the girls.  Because, well, hello, its fun stuff, that's why.  But I guarantee they'd have different thoughts about why it's fun that make them more feminine or masculine.

Feminine: I like twirling because it makes me feel girly, pretty and my dress is all flowy like.

Masculine:  I like twirling because I bet I can go faster than anyone else and get really dizzy and bump into my friends and fall over.

We're so different and it just fascinates me the things that are engrained in us by our creator.  

So excited to keep witnessing how my boy grows into a young man and what this little lady in my tummy will be like!

In other news, this is happening:

The kid can ride a bike, with minimal help.  One of those huge milestones you talk about, but never did I realized it'd happen so soon!  

Excuse me while I go look at some of his baby pictures!

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