Thursday, July 25, 2013

Because I can't stop at just one.

Hello, my name is Laura and I am a "craftaholic" (see also craft obsessed and craft overdose).

I'm proud to be crafty and artistic, however not proud of the fact that it gets a little out of control at times. I literally have so much fun and enjoyment when I make things that I can't stop and make's outrageous!

 Where will all that silly stuff go? I surely don't need 10 pouches, 8 compact mirrors, oodles of jewelry and 4 earring frames--I just wanted to make it--multiple times.

I'm sick I tell you!

 I think the excess always just ended up on Etsy because it could and I didn't know what else to do with it, so I thought putting out there to get some moolah might be worth a shot--though....usually not ;)

 So I've come up with a new idea--which may also be silly, but it lets me do what I want (uh, selfish!) and gives back to you! (Not selfish!) From now on whenever my Pinterest creations, DIY projects or craftoholic activities create an excess of goods, ima give them away!

 Is this not a fabulous idea?! One for me and one for you---I like it!

 Of course this will be limited to smaller objects and won't be a weekly occurrence, but as sure as my heart bleeds art and craftiness--there will be plenty to give!

 We'll just call it my, " because I can't stop at just one" giveaways! ;) What do ya say? I think it's a win/win!

 Keep a look out for one coming up--this craftaholic has a lot to destash!

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