Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My baby is here!

Ha! Got ya'll with that one huh? :)

No real baby yet.

Well, now that you're here and maybe slightly pissed off that I may have tricked you, let me make up for it by unveiling the much lesser of my "babies", but still something that I've put a lot of heart into over the past months and it's finally time to put it out there!  And....I've made one sale already, so I feel like it's "legit" to share with ya'll!

What: Camera Straps (The "Happy Strappy")

Leather bindings added upon request!

Why: Why not?  OK, for real though, for some this could be totally boring and I respect that opinion, but for me, lover of everything photography AND looking swanky, it made perfect sense to marry the two passions together.  

I call it the "happy strappy" because they make me totally freaking happy.

  I get to unleash my creative side with fabrics and stones/beads.  
I get to make my camera (and yours!) all perty.  
I get to troll the fabric aisle now and actually have a purpose for hoarding it.
I get to help people like me--with a love for their camera--personalize it and show of their uniqueness.
So many positives with this venture!

Another big why is--and the motive behind any past ventures I've had on Etsy--is the possibility of supplimenting our income.  It may be is a pipe dream, but alas it's a dream.  I do hope that perhaps this venture will in the future even be enough to fill a tank of gas during the week, or take off a chunk of our grocery budget.  With being on maternity leave early this fall, any additional income will be a blessing!

So, um, just let me have my little fantasy, ok? ok.

Please visit the shop, tell me what you think and share it with your camera and photography obsessed friends! :)

Many thanks!

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