Monday, August 26, 2013

Officially a working mom again.

Those who know me know what a huge and great thing it is that I have my own office!  Its so exciting to have a place of my own.  Not that I'm not good at sharing space or anything--frankly, I'm just happy they want me around period!  But to have something that is your own that you can make and change how you like is just kinda special---makes me feel all big and important! 

 It's pretty much all set up and ready to go......and then soon I'm gonna go and abandon it and have a baby. Sigh.  It'll be exciting to come back to in the winter though! :)  

Workshop week is always exciting to me.  
Hearing about people's summers...ordering a new planner to fill out...getting things prepped for the months ahead...the smell of  newness and clean hallways....the constant hum of papers coming out of the printer...walking by classrooms and seeing how intricate the teachers are with their stacked books and desk arrangements.  I kinda love it all and I'll be kinda sad if I don't make it to the first day of school to greet those little faces! 

Time will tell!

Good luck and happy school year to all the educators out there!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your own space!
    It's super important! All the best with it!



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